Review of the Wotofo OFRF Nexmini Pod 

The team at Wotofo very kindly sent over the OFRF NexMini Pod system for me to review, this product was sent out free of charge, as always the fact that this item was free, does in no way effect the outcome of the review, and I will be as honest as possible.

If you have been vaping for a while, you will have defiantly heard of Wotofo, but you may well be wondering who or what OFRF are!

OFRF where a small company that  specialised in mesh coil systems, and Mesh related Hardware. And produced some of the best mesh coils on the market, to the point that other manufactures began to design products to use the OFRF mesh coils,  of of these companies was Wotofo, when they first released the original profile, this relationship grew over the years to the point that in August 2019 when Wotofo acquired OFRF, and there by combining the powers and further developing the market leading mesh coils  and  the highly popular nexMESH coil technology.

OFRF  NexMini MTL Pod System.

OFRF NEXMINI POD is the first MTL Pod system from the leading vape manufacturer Wotofo. They have launched this MTL pod for vapers who like versatility and customizing their experience. It is an ultra-portable pod kit that comes with two heating cores to provide you an immense flavor and Phenomenal MTL vaping experience. This MTL vape pod is integrated with an 800mAh rechargeable battery to offer whole day vaping capability.

What’s in the NexMini package:

NEXMINI Pod System x1

M22 nexMESH Coil x 1 (pre-installed)

M21 Parallel Coil x1

Type-C Charging Cable x1

User Manual x1

OFRF NexMesh Specifications

Dimensions: 110.5 x 19.5 x 19.5mm (with pod installed)

Coils & Resistance: M22 nexMESH Coil 0.6Ω / M21 Parallel Coil 0.6Ω

Pod Capacity: 2.5ml (Standard Edition) / 2ml (TPD Edition)

Main Material: Aluminum Alloy + PCTG

Display: 0.69’’ OLED Screen

Filling Method: Side Filling

Airflow Type: Adjustable Airflow

Battery Type: 800mAh Built-in Lithium-ion Battery

Pass-through Charging: Supported

Output Power: 1-30W

Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V

Charging Port: USB Type-C

Charging Current: DC 5V/1A-2A

Charging Time: 50 minutes

Net Weight: 56g

Colors Available

Black Blue, Black Green, Black, Gold, Black Red, Mocha Gold, Silver

Main Features of the NexMesh Pod.

  •  Slim body in the shape of a classic vape pen
  •  There are well-developed mesh coil and wire coil
  •  It has a 2.5ml capacity in Standard Edition and 2ml in TPD Edition
  •  It is made with Aluminum Alloy + PCTG material to make it the most durable pod device
  •  The 800 mAh battery offers whole day vaping capability.
  •  Type-C fast charge technology takes only 50 minutes for the MTL Pod device to fully charge the battery
  •  The side filling option makes it an easy to use pod system
  •  It has a Waterproof cartridge slot

Compact and Stylish Design.

The mini pod market is a busy market, and is hard to standout in such a competitive market. Wotofo has gone to market putting the OFRF technology at the center of its design, to ensure that you get the best possible Vaping experience of a small and compact deign. Putting it above the competition .

Weighing in at a mere 56g, the OFRF Nexmini pod kit is extremely lightweight, and its slim line design and build makes it weightless in your hand and super pocket friendly.  I’m pleased that the designers went a square body design, as I find them more comfy to hold, easier to stand up, and it won’t role off the table.

For such a compact device, the designers have managed to cram on a load of branding, which strangely I quite like the wat they have gone about it. Especially the inlayed Mesh panel that runs up the back of the device, painted black, to contrast the vivid green base coat,  with #NEXMESH printed in silver onto the mesh panel.

The left hand panel has an embossed OFRF pressed into the side, followed by a random .COM, half way done the side. Little odd. It’s a bit like companies putting www. In front of the name.

On the opposite side you have a small ‘Powered by nexM Technology.

But I suppose you will always get a bit of extra branding when two companies combine together, sharing technologies. And on a small device there isn’t much space to share out. But to be honest, I think they have done a really good job of the design and branding, I really like the mesh panel on the back, it has a nice feel to it, and gives it extra grip. 

On either side, toward the top of each panel, you have a single pin sized airflow hole, a true MTL pod system.

The holes run through to the top section of the device where the Pod sits, looking down into the top of the pod, you see the two gold contacts, that make connection  with the coil in the pod. Surrounded by a magnet in each corner, that hold the pod in place.

The top section of the device, has been fully waterproofed with some type of resin, to prevent any juice from from leaking down into the chip inside.

On the base of the device, is the USB Type C socket, required for charging the 800mAh Built-in Lithium-ion Battery Not sure why designers continue to locate USB sockets on the base, as it doesn’t really make sense, as it prevents it from being stood up on end whilst charging. But it is what it is. So laid down charging it is. Whilst on the subject of charging, it will take about 50 minutes to fully charge. Drawing DC 5V/1A-2A.

The NexMini also features the ability, to charge while Vaping, due to it’s ‘Pass-through’ feature. Which would be the only reason why I think the charging port is on the base, as a side mounted port would interfere when charging.

Display and Functions.

The NexMini features a very bright little 0.69’’ OLED Screen.  Set in a large black panel, personally I would have liked a larger screen, filling more of the black panel, as it is quite hard to read.(with my rubbish eye, I have to photo it to read it.)

The OFRF Nexmini pod kit has very straight forward functionality perfect for its target market,  the new vaper.

The device is operated and controlled, by using a combination of the fire button, and the two function buttons, located underneath the screen.

As with most devices, the NexMini is turned on and off by pressing the fire button, five times, in quick succession.

  • Press the fire button three times rapidly to lock or unlock the device, which will prevent it from firing, I would have preferred it to have just locked the control buttons.
  • Use the thin up and  down control buttons beneath the screen to raise or lower wattage
  • Press the fire button and the up button to reset the puff counter

The monochrome OLED screen also displays the number of puffs, coil resistance, wattage setting and battery remaining as a percentage, which is tiny.

The large font in the center of the screen, will display the wattage that the device is set to, but when the fire button is pressed, this changes to seconds counting how long the button is pressed for. But annoyingly, it changes back to wattage, virtually instantly when you release the fire button, meaning that you don’t actually get to read it. Which isn’t actually a problem, as I couldn’t give a toss, as how long each vape lasts! 

The screen times out after fifteen seconds of inactivity helping to preserve the battery life. The wattage will scroll up to 30 watts, and then will round robin, back to 1 watt.

The engineers have but safety at the forefront of design with the following safety features.

  • Overtime protection. Device ceases to function after 8 seconds continuous vaping
  • Short circuit. If the resistance value is lower than the required value a “Ohms too low” warning will appear on the screen and the device will not function
  • Low battery protection. When the battery capacity has depleted to a level beyond safe use a “low battery” message is displayed on the screen
  • Over charge. Charging will cease when maximum charge has been reached
  • Lithium-ion battery protection. If the voltage of the battery falls below 3.1V the device will cease to function until sufficiently charged
  • Over heating. Should the device reach a certain temperature a “too hot” message will appear and functionality will cease until a safe temperature is re established.

OFRF NexMini Pod.

The kit comes with a single pod, which comes preinstalled into the device. The 2ml pod sits deeply inside the body of the device, with just the top section and the fixed drip tip sticking out, although this gives it a sleeker look, it does prevent you from being able to see how much juice you have left in the tiny pod. Which means you have to keep removing it to check.  Even one it is removed, I found it quite hard to view due to the darkness of the pod. I would have preferred it to have been clear plastic.


The fill port s on the side of the device, and has an arrow pointing to the flap. Which is a little tricky to get out. Once open I found the fill hole quite small, and tricky to fill, as you tend to get air locks, could have done with a bigger hole.  Due to the small hole it does take a while to fill, even though it is only 2ml.  Bigger hole please.

As a true  MTL pod,  it has a small bore mouthpiece, which I found quite comfy,

They even give you a minimum juice level marker on the side of the pod, to ensure you don’t run dry.

Adjustable Airflow

Unlike similar devices on the market the OFRF NexMini allows you to fully customise you MTL Vaping Experience, fine tuning the airflow from open MTL, to fully restricted. Thereby allowing you to fine tune your flavour.

The airflow control is done via a small airflow control ring on the base of the coil, with a number of small holes, decreasing in size.  Due to the location of the AFC you do have to take the pod out, and get your fingers onto the base of the coil, which can be a little fiddly, if you have sausage fingers like me. And it is a bit of adjust and try, adjust and try, until you reach the correct level of airflow. Not quite as convenient, as other pods systems such as the Voopoo Drag, with has an external slider, but it is a much larger device, and less compact.


Flavor Production with Wire and Mesh Coils.

NEXMINI Pod comes with a pre-installed M22 nexMesh Coil and M21 Parallel coil inside the pod mod kit. It is stated that you will get a greater heating capability with this wire and mesh pod system.

#M21 Parallel Coil

Resistance: 0.60Ω

Material: A1 wire

Power Range: 15-25W

Best Power: 18-22W

Parallel Structure

Doubled MTL Flavo

#M22 nexMESH Coil

Resistance: 0.60Ω

Material: A1 mesh

Power Range: 13-20W

Best Power: 15-18W

Leading Mesh Tech

Phenomenal MTL experienc

Having tested both coil, I found them both to be bang on with flavour, with the later #M22 nexMESH just slightly nailing it of the #M21 Parralle Coil as far as flavour, when the air flow set the same, one hole open on each coil, running the device at 20w. Although I did find the #M21 produced a more moist vape, whereas the #M22 was a warmer dryer vape. Most coils were very impressive.

Final Thoughts on the OFRF NexMini Pod System.

I have tried and tested a lot of this style of mini pod / cigalikes system, most of which, seem to be a bit lacking in the flavour department.  But due to the fact that the NexMini is built around the OFRF Mesh and Coil technology, the flavour and vapour production is totally on point, and I would go as far as to say…..Best in Class.  And I think you would struggle to find a similar sized device, which performs as well, as far as flavour, and vapor production. Very impressive.

Positives 👍

  • Very well made, premium feel.
  • Lightweight and feels great in the hand.
  • USB type C charging – Fully charged in 50 minutes.
  • Bright Crisp Screen.
  • No leakage issues on coils.
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Great Flavour.
  • Choice of coils.

Negatives 👎

  • Bottom mounted charging port.
  • Screen details are hard to read.
  • Airflow tricky to adjust.
  • Can’t lock the wattage adjustment.



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