Fairly new to growing – got a iDoo kit last October.

Have grown 2 ‘cycles’ of plants (various herbs… basil, cilantro, dill, thyme, sage, oregano, chives) and both times, the growing medium developed mold on top (see here and here)

My question – is it bad? I read about some ‘good white mold’ but not sure if this is it. If it is bad, what could be the cause? any suggestions for preventing it?

I also bought some Rapid Rooter plugs instead of the iDoo ones since I thought that might be the issue but the bag I received has moisture in it and what seems like specks of mold. Should I return it?

The iDoo pods are a bit on the small side (1in wide x 1.5in deep — smaller than the Rapid Rooter plugs I just received) so I plan on cutting any pods to size. Is rockwool something I should look into?

fwiw, I was still able to grow a good amount of herbs, but over time they get sick. Any suggestions y’all can share would be much appreciated!


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