LANSING. Mich. (WLNS)—On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, three House bills regarding ‘vitamin E acetate’ were presented to the House Regulatory Reform Committee for a testimony hearing. One of the bipartisan House Bills,  No. 4251, was introduced and sponsored by Representatives Bellino, Hammoud, Sowerby, Cynthia Johnson, and Weiss. 

State Representative Joe Bellino spoke with WLNS digital reporter Samana Sheikh regarding how if this bill were to pass into law it would prohibit the sale of vape products with harmful chemicals which contain vitamin E acetate. Representative Bellino stated that if people in the near future were to sell smoking products with this harmful chemical and other potentially fatal substances they would be subject to a $10,000.00 fine. 

“Vitamin-e acetate is not a bad product it’s used in a lot of makeup products, it’s used in some food products.” Representative Bellino said, “It works well… but when it’s burned to 300 degrees or higher and it goes in your lungs it does bad things to your lungs.”

Representative Bellino for the last couple of years has been trying to shed light on the harmful effect of vitamin E acetate on the human body. Specifically, how the harmful substance can impact our lungs. This specific subject impacts him personally due to the fact he was an addict in recovery. Although, they are many reasons why Representative Bellino sponsored ‘House Bill  No. 4251’ he stated that he wants to help save lives.  Especially, as the vaping trend is higher among younger adults he hopes that people will be careful before buying a smoking device. 

“It makes it clear the federal law and a need for a state law was kind of muddled last year… is there federal law? is there federal coming out? Will they ban it nationally? If they haven’t done it yet,” exclaimed Representative Bellino. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated nearly 68 people around the United States died from lung injury associated with E-cigarettes and vaping devices. Representative Bellino stated that the large overall number is concerning. 

Representative Bellino also told WLNS most of the time people do not even know if the products they are vaping include harsh chemicals. He went on to mention American-based brands like the company Jewel have been tested for harsh chemicals. Therefore, most of the harmful chemicals in other products from overseas usually are the culprit for vitamin-E acetate.

“It’s not been tested out these products and has been run through a lab like a jewel and other products have,” Representative Bellino said. “Using these illicit products, these bad liquids in it… It kills people. We have to get it off the market .”  

The Federal Drug and Food Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both state to stay away from purchasing smoke devices online, from family, or friends. 

So far, all three of the bills went through testimony and another hearing will take place next week. 

“We set the law down. We have a stringent penalty. Hopefully, we’ll never see the product again.” Representative Bellino suggested. 


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