UNITED STATES—Vaping has become big business in the aftermath of the tobacco ban that has affected many countries. Safer and less obtrusive to others, many smokers have switched to vape pens to enjoy their pursuit. The legalization of cannabis in many states of the USA and CBD products across the board has also enticed many new users to the world of vaping. It’s perhaps the easiest way to get a cannabis hit or ingest CBD.

However, there is confusion about the different products available, in particular the wax vape pen and the oil vape pen. Let’s have a closer look at what each one is for so you can ensure you choose the right device.

What is a Wax Pen For?

Are you looking for a vaping device to use with cannabis? If so, you should look at a concentrate wax pen for the best effect. The wax pen is specifically designed to vape wax concentrate, which is the best way to get the cannabis hit of the quality you want. Wax concentrates tend to by high in THC – the element that give you the high you want – and the heating element in this type of pen is designed to create the precise level of vapor that you need.

Wax pens have a small container into which you put your wax cannabis concentrate. The battery – tiny but powerful enough – heats a coil, which will be of quartz or ceramic construction depending upon the model, to a point where it atomizes the concentrate. This provides the cloud of vapor you then inhale. Some pens are fixed wattage and temperature, others are adjustable, but all are convenient, inconspicuous, and easy to slip into a pocket or purse.

So, in brief if you want to vape cannabis concentrate, you need a wax vape pen. They are sometimes called dab pens, just to add to the confusion! Now let’s look at the oil vape pen.

What is an Oil Vape Pen For?

If it is CBD that you use – perhaps for medicinal reasons or recreationally – you need an oil vape pen. This differs from the wax pen in that rather than having a cavity in which you insert your material to vape, they come with a cartridge that contains the oil you wish to vape. This will be CBD oil of your choice, and the cartridge – a disposable item – contains enough for many hits.

While the basic method is the same as a wax pen in that a battery heats a coil that atomizes the oil, the coil will heat to a different temperature in order to get the right point at which to create the CBD vapor. Once you’ve used all the oil you simply buy a new cartridge and clip it on. So, if you want to vape CBD oil, you need an oil vape pen. The title of the article asks which is best, so let’s see if we can wrap this up neatly for you.

Which is For You?

We recommend that if you’re into vaping you keep up with the latest cannabis and CBD news as the market sees new products all the time. To sum up we will say this: there are some vape pens that can vape both oil and wax concentrate, but they are a compromise. As the best results for CBD and cannabis come at different temperatures, it is strongly recommended you purchase a device designed specifically for the substance you wish to vape. For cannabis that’s a wax pen, and for CBD oil it’s an oil pen! Each is best for the specific purpose, so enjoy your vaping.


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