THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. CBD is derived from hemp, so it’s the legal option in New Mexico.

It’s advertised to help humans and animals with aches and pains, but veterinarians are divided on the product. 

“If you ask a veterinarian, all of us are going to have different opinions on if it works or doesn’t work. We may have personal experience with it. We may have experienced with our pets,” said Dr. Daniel Levenson.

He said there isn’t enough research to back up the good or bad of CBD. Regardless, the veterinarian said some owners want their pets, like dogs and cats, to have it.

“It seems like some of the best benefits are coming from anti-seizure activity. So epilepsy type things. And nausea. In any disease or process that might cause nausea, but especially animals that are undergoing chemo or that have cancer,” he said.

Data on negative side effects is also slim. Dr. Levenson said it’s relatively safe.

“As far as we know, there’s not a lot of downsides to CBD. If people use it the way it’s sold and the way it’s labeled. We’ve seen very little problems and very little toxicities with straight CBD’s,” he said.

However, it can be extremely toxic if it contains THC, which is illegal in New Mexico.

Dr. Levenson explained some CBD products that are bootlegged or from other states could have it. He said there could be many complications for pets, including death.

CBD is not approved by the FDA. 


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