Vaporesso Gen S Kit from e-cigarette Direct

The team over at e-cigarette direct very kindly sent over the Gen S kit by Vaporesso for the purpose of this review.


The company was founded in 2008 by Jean Rasbridge and James Dunworth. Initially run from Jean’s kitchen in an old farmhouse, the company grew rapidly through its focus on customer support and service and after Jean’s shed, drive and dining room (the last straw!) had been turned into packing stations, the company moved to its first warehouse.

In 2013 the company opened its first shop in Neath, South Wales, and now has a network of shops throughout the South-West and Wales, and resellers as far away as Australia.

About Vaporesso

Created in 2015, led by thier goal, VAPORESSO is dedicated to making a smoke-free world, raising the life quality of thierusers.

Based on their continuous innovations, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, they create the products that can fit all levels/styles of vapers to be able to help as many as possible, fulfilling our mission of being BEYOND THE ORDINARY.

The Vaporesso Gen S Kit.

The Gen S kit is the perfect kit for the more experienced vapors who are looking to upgrade, and looking for a higher powered mod, and with the Gen running upto 220w, there plenty of power to go around. 


The Vaporesso Gen S Kit combines the Vaporesso Gen 220W mod with an upgraded NRG tank.

This is a high powered vape kit which can output up to 220 watts of power, making it a great option for cloud chasing and Direct-Lung vaping.

The Vaporesso Gen S comes with an advanced Axon chip which powers multiple modes so you can customise your vape experience to your preference. Pulse mode delivers a pulse of power every 0.2 seconds for you to enjoy ongoing power throughout your vape, while ECO power enables you to extend the life of your battery.

Smart temperature control is able to identify the tank and coil you are using and apply temperature control with a simple one button operation, while DIY mode puts everything under your control with manual settings control.

The mod is powered by two 18650 batteries (not included), which means the mod can always be in use with a simple swap of the battery. The mod also comes with a charging port which enables the batteries to be charged in the mod.

The included, upgraded NRG tank uses a 0.15 Ω GT4 Meshed and a 0.18 Ω GT Meshed coil to maximise the interaction between the surface area of the coil and e-liquid for improved absorption and temperature dispersion, which leads to thicker vapour and improved flavour. The tank also comes with push-pull coils and a push-to-fill refilling mechanism to ensure that both changing the coils and filling with e-liquid is quick and easy.

What’s in the box?

The Vaporesso Gen S Kits comes well equipped with everything you are going to need, plus e-cigarette direct will also include a Free Bottle Of Eliquid, to get you started, so all you will need is to add a pair of 18650 batteries and your good to go.

  • 1 x Gen S Mod
  • 1 x NRG S Tank (2ml)
  • 1 x GT4 0.15 Ω Meshed Coil
  • 1 x GT 018 ΩMeshed Coil
  • 1 x Extra Glass Tube (2m)
  • 3 x O-Rings
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card


  • Size: 145.5 x 53 x 30 mm
  • Tank Capacity: 2 ml
  • Display: 0.91′ OLED screen
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (Not Included)
  • Power Range: 5 – 220 W
  • Charge Current : 2.5 A
  • Resistance Range: 0.03 Ω – 5 Ω
  • Mode: Pulse Mode/Power ECO/Smart TC/DIY
  • Thread: 510

The Vaporesso Gen S kit comes in a selection of snazzy colours, to suit your every mood and style.

  • Rose Gold
  • Green Lime
  • Gray Matt
  • Blue Midnight
  • Pink Cherry.
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Black to Red
  • Black to Blue
  • Black to gray
  • Black to Purple

Up close and personal with the Vaporesso Gen S Kit.

The star of the show has to be the Gen S mod  which from what I can see is no different to the original Vaporesso Gen, apart from a wider choice of colours, and the fact that it comes with the NRG S tank. I totally understand why Vaporesso didn’t change it, as the original Gen, was a great mod.

The actual body of the mod, has one of the nicest textures to it, and I find myself sitting there, stroking it with my fingers, this is down to the three stage finish, the body of the Gen S has been manufactured out of Fire Resistant Polycarbonate, then sprayed 4 times, then covered with a breathable rubberised coating, to give it that hard wearing tactile feel to it, covered in hundreds of tiny indents, which gives it a great level of grip in the hand, as well as a hard wearing surface.

The front battery door panel, fits perfectly, and is one of the best fitting doors around, with zero movement or rattle, and once in place, creates a totally seemless finish to the overall design.

Removing the battery door is done through the small indent at the base of the device, once removed you are presented with a super tidy battery tray, branding for the internal chip set, along with clear battery markings, although not sure why manufactures don’t put the battery symbols in white, to make it clearer.

Inside of the battery door there is a massive CAUTION notice, which reminds you not to use batteries with broken skins, and a polite recommendation to use High-Rate Discharge Batteries (> 25A) for optimal performance.

The spring loaded gold plated battery connectors, hold the batteries in place, although the are quite tight, so you will need to punch the negative ends in first to get them in.

Advanced AXON Chip

The GEN features the powerful AXON Chip inside “A Chip That’s All-round”. The AXON chip claims to break the boundary’s for the entry-level with the user friendly operating system, which we will look at next 

Controls & Menu Features

The controlls on the Gen S are super smooth and super simple, The fire button, has a metallic gold finish to it, despite the chosen colour. And sits just above the screen.

The fire button, has a super satisfying click, with zero button rattle from this well made device.  Unlike most mods on the market the GEN S has 3 additional control buttons, which make accessing and controlling the function a real pleasure.

Unlike the fire button, the control buttons are colour batched to the main mod.

As expected the unlabelled top and bottom buttons act as the + and – controls, to move through the menu, and increase and decrease the power of the device.

Pressing the center button three times accesses the main menu, giving you access the following function.

  • Pulse Mode, which will deliver a continuous pulse, rapidly firing on and off to deliver a seeming continuous burst of power, claimed to deliver a more stable vape, with no real ramp up or ramp down. And claims to give you 27% more flavour, not sure how they measure that.
  • Eco Mode – will allow you to vape for longer on a single battery charge.
  • Smart TC – Gives you a coil recognition and and temperature control, offering one press set up.
  • DIY Mode – gives you traditional VW, bypass mode, super player mode,

Settings give you access to the second level of submenu, which allows you to further personalise you GEN S.


As with all 18650 powered devices I would always recommend removing the batteries and Charing them extremely, to prolong the life of your batteries, and to ensure safe charging.  If you do decide to charge on the move it offers 2.5amp Charing .

The top of the device features a standard 510 connection plate, which seems to be brass in colour, with gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin, which allows you to install all you other favourite tanks and droppers.

Vaporesso NRG S Tank

The GEN S kit comes with the newly designed Vaporesso NRG S Tank, which is nicely colourcoded to to match the Mod colour, the tank it’s self has a super high end finish to it, and match’s perfectly, which is quite rare in matchy matchy kits, as narmally the tank end up being slightly off shade to the mod, due to the different materials that they are made off.

The NRG S Tank breaks down into its component parts, for easy cleaning, simple unscrew the base, using the well machined Narling around the base. The remove the coil and the carefully push off the glass.

The base of the tank features fully adjustable airflow, through turning the knarled Air Fliw Control Ring, which has a stopper on each end.

The top cap of the NRG S tank, features a removable drip tip, and easy slide action filling, which allows you to fill up the tank with out the need to unscrew and hold the top cap, whilst filling.

When you close off the fill cap, it shuts with a satisfying click, and the internal gaskets create a tight seal, to prevent any leakage. I have had no leakage issues during the two months I have been using the GEN S.

Coils for Everyone

The NRG S Tank uses the impressive Vaporesso GT Coils, which offer a wide range of coils, meaning that their is literally a coil for everyone. The coils remind me of Nuts, which mean they are always easy to get off, and even if they get stuck in place you can always get the pliers to them to loosen them off. GEN S kit comes with a standard GT 0.18 ohm Meshed Voil, and a GT4 dual coiled 0.15ohm Meshed coil.

GT Coils

There’s a coil for everyone. Having all the optional GT coils ( GT1, GT2, GT4, GT6, GT8, GT CCELL, GT CCELL2, GT MESHED, GT4 MESHED) that bring up a wide range of styles to fulfill everyone’s vaping needs. Giving you the dense, rich, and flavorful clouds.

Vaping Performance 

I have really enjoyed vaping on the Vaporesso GEN S kit, and it has been one of my go to devices, over the last few months, with its all day battery life, and pier range meaning I can confidently stick on any of my Atomisers, and it will handle most builds.

The NRG S tank, is a great little tank, and combined with the GT coils, delivers outstanding flavours, and vapour production. I was super impressed with the included GT4 Coil.

It is the build quality of the GEN S that sets it apart from other mods on the market, it has a real premium feel to it, an almost iPhone feel to it.

Final thoughts….

Every one should have a Vaporesso GEN S on their shelf, highly recommend you head over to e-cigarette direct and grab one for your self for just £46.99, which is great value, you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to purchase the Vaporesso GEN Kit.

Vaporesso GEN Kit.



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