Doctors have a warning about teens vaping — not only does it put your teen at risk for a serious coronavirus infection, but doctors say that more teens are ending up in the hospital with lung injuries related to E-cigarette use.

When high school senior Ronald Cruz started having trouble breathing back in March, he told us he thought he had Cove in 19. I thought I got the coronavirus. I was like, Okay, Mom, like I gotta go get tested You know, not only like to spread this around, but it turns out Cruz’s respiratory failure that put him in a coma and in the hospital for days was the result of the lung injury he got from Vaping. And doctors say they be related. Lung injuries or a valley for short are putting more teens in the hospital than ever before. Teens with valley who are hospitalized had a pretty high level of psycho social pressures, including problems with behavior at school, problems with families, other substance abuse and certainly with a pandemic, those stressors could be more enhanced. Doctors at Children’s Health in Dallas, who looked into the trend, fear teenagers may be turning to vaping as a way to occupy their free time during the pandemic and help deal with the stresses of not being able to socialize with friends or take part in their normal activities. After things reopened, they certainly had access to date shop perhaps access to dealers. People develop pandemic fatigue, wanted to be with their friends, wanted to socialize more. They also fear teens may not realize vaping significantly increases the risk of catching Cove in 19. A recent study found people ages 13 through 24 who Vape are up to seven times more likely to be diagnosed with the virus, which doctors say could be easily spread through the vapor of an E cig. That’s why doctors are urging parents to talk with their teens and young adults about the dangers of aiding and how it’s more than just their health at risk.


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