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E-cigarettes have become very popular with teenagers. Many may have quit or opted not to reach out for cigarettes, but there are still those who find comfort in vaping. However, the consequences may be far more adverse than initially thought.

Anna Chinnis, a 16-year-old teen from Florida, ended up in the hospital after she reported difficulty breathing, which her parents claimed must have been because of her vaping habit.

Local news reports noted that Chinnis stayed for nine days at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. News4Jax revealed that the girl’s blood oxygen levels were already very low when they got her to the emergency room.

The mother of Chinnis, Beverly, said that her daughter declined rapidly. She was given bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP), which is a non-invasive type of ventilator that helps in breathing. For a day, the young girl got this in order to breathe.

According to the mother, her daughter was diagnosed as having a reactive airway disease, which is a condition akin to asthma. She also said that she found the vaping accessories of her daughter two years ago. Having discovered it, she tried to encourage her to steer clear of it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave a rundown on the effects of vaping on teenagers. It stated that using e-cigarettes is unsafe for kids and teens. These e-cigarettes mostly contain nicotine and are very addictive. It could hamper brain development in adolescents. Aside from nicotine, there are other harmful substances that it may contain.

There have also been a number of vaping-associated lung injuries (EVALI), reported in 2019. According to the CDC, e-cigarettes that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have been linked to the majority of EVALI cases. It also added that illegal THC-containing e-cigarettes, specifically those that contain vitamin E-acetate, were very likely to be the cause of the illnesses. Aside from this, the agency also stated that the use of nicotine during adolescence can increase their risk for a future addiction towards other forms of drugs.

E-cigarettes work by producing an aerosol through the heating of liquid that contains flavourings, nicotine, and other chemicals. The liquid is called by many names like vape juice, e-liquid, e-juice or vape liquid. When users inhale the aerosol into their lungs and exhale it, other people nearby may breathe it in as well.

Parents say teen ended up hospitalised due to vaping. Photo: Pixabay

The CDC noted that while scientists are still learning about the possible long-term health effects of vaping, steering clear of it would still be the best way to protect oneself against any adverse effect.




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