Just a year ago vaping/e-cigarette related lung illnesses gripped national headlines. Literally, kids were dropping dead. Then the pandemic hit and overshadowed the national coverage of the vaping crisis.

Addressing toxic e-cigarette aerosol, communities across Montana decided to take action against this public health threat. School administrators, teachers, health care workers and parents worked with local governments to add e-cigarettes to their Clean Indoor Air Act to protect the public from toxic secondhand vaping.

Now the Legislature is passing HB 137 to allow smoking e-cigarettes indoors. After almost 20 years of no smoking indoors we are going to now open it back up and allow for these vaping products?

This should sound crazy and an epic step backwards for public health but take a minute to discover who is behind it. It will make more sense.

Rep. Marshall of Hamilton is a half owner of three vapes shops, sits on the board of the e-cigarette lobby, lost a lawsuit against the state, and is suing over other efforts to curb the crisis. Rep. Marshall stands to gain from the normalization of the e-cigarette/vaping products.

Is this where we are at now? Letting the fox pass policy for the chickens?

Reg Hageman



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