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United Way of Tuscarawas County continues to provide a stable funding source for the Takin’ It to the Schools program, which served nearly 2,000 students in the 2019-2020 school year.

Takin’ it to the Schools started in 2001 and the class is offered to fourth through sixth graders at school districts across Tuscarawas County. The program includes three main learning objectives including personal self-management skills, general social skills, and drug resistance skills.

United Way has been providing funding for the program since 2012. “We know that the United Way chooses the programs to support based off need and community data,” explained Jodi Salvo, Director of Substance Use Prevention Services at OhioGuidestone. “They understand the importance of prevention and the need to provide universal primary prevention to support our young people and to give them the tools and resources for them to make healthy decisions that promote a healthy Tuscarawas County.”

And data shows the program continues to make a positive impact. At Dover Middle School, a young man shared his personal experince about making a good healthy decision. The lesson topic for the day was Decision Making. When the class was presented with a realistic scenario regarding being around a group of friends who were vaping, the student’s experience showed true leadership and the ability to resist. He shared that he faces being around friends that vape every weekend and he strongly continues to resist and refuses to take part. 

United Way funding helps to offset costs for facilitators, printing of parent newsletters, program supplies, and student recognition/graduation, where parents and teachers are invited to learn about what was taught and how to further parent/teacher/child conversations.

Funding for this program continues to be a priority for the United Way of Tuscarawas County and local support in fundraising efforts makes it all possible. 

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