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Two Farmington teens face charges in St. Francois County after allegedly burglarizing an area vapor shop late last year.

Zachary Seaton, 17, and Jayda McKinney, 18, have each been charged with second-degree burglary, stealing, and second-degree property damage.

According to a probable cause statement from the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department, on Nov. 3, a deputy was dispatched to an address on Hillsboro Road in Bonne Terre where he met with a man reporting to have heard an alarm sounding from his business. The man’s business is located on his property, next to his residence.

The man told the deputy that he saw someone inside and outside his vaping store. The owner said he saw a man carrying stuff and told him to drop the items and get on the ground. Both the male and female then reportedly got into a vehicle and started driving away.

The business owner said as the pair were driving away, the male held something out the window, at which point the owner fired one shotgun round into the vehicle’s driver’s side tail light so police could identify the vehicle.

The man reported that the two alleged intruders had stolen vaping products valued at $240 and caused $650 worth of damage to the store’s window, framing and screen.

The report states the owner showed the deputy his store’s security footage, which showed a dark-colored Buick SUV approaching the business and residence.

The deputy reports the footage showed a female driver and a male passenger exiting the vehicle and walking up to the front door of the store. The deputy said he saw the male walk across the driveway and begin knocking on the back door of the residence. After no one answered, the male allegedly walked backed to the store. There, the video reportedly showed both subjects walk to the side of the store where the window is located, and back to the vehicle multiple times.

Footage from inside the store reportedly showed the male. The deputy noted that it appeared the male had climbed through the window and fell to the floor, knocking multiple items off a shelf.

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While the male subject was inside the store, the deputy reports that the female could be seen at the window, holding up the window blinds so she was able to see inside. A light on the outside of the store came on, and shortly after, the owner walked outside of his residence.

The report states the male exited the store with something in his hands and got into the driver’s seat, while the female entered the back passenger seat behind the driver. The pair then reportedly fled the scene.

Later, a store employee was reportedly able to identify the subjects using the social media app Snapchat. The employee showed the deputy a photo posted by McKinney depicting 21 Sexibar electronic vaping devices. The post of the Sexibar vapes was made about 25 minutes after the incident occurred.

The deputy reports that the top of one shoe was visible in the Snapchat image. Using the photo, the investigator was able to make a partial match of the shoe to the shoe worn by McKinney in the video footage provided by the store owner.

Police also identified the male suspect as Seaton, McKinney’s boyfriend.

Authorities searched for any vehicles registered to McKinney and found she had a 2018 Buick registered in her name. A stop-and-hold broadcast was issued for the vehicle and McKinney.

The deputy was notified that McKinney was at the sheriff’s department wishing to speak with a deputy. Both subjects were later taken into custody on the night shift.

Seaton was booked at the St. Francois County Jail last week, and a $10,000 bond was set in the case. He has since posted bond, according to court documents.

Records show Seaton has a pending felony charge of stealing a firearm, stemming from an alleged September incident in St. Francois County.

McKinney was booked at the St. Francois County Jail earlier this month and has since posted a $2,500 bond set by the court for her release.

Bobby Radford is a reporter for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at [email protected]

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