The Knox County Sheriff’s Departments says that on Tuesday they arrested two individuals with unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver.

They were assisted in the arrests by Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department in Iowa, as well as Galesburg police.

Peter Martinez Jr., 18 years old and from Muscatine, was arrested at the intersection of Oak Grove Lane and U.S. 150N.

Police don’t say how the interaction with Martinez began, only that he was found to be in possession of 70 bags of cannabis gummies, 20 containers of cannabis and a jar of cannabis wax.

All told, police counted just over 4,000 grams, the bulk in the edible gummies.

Also arrested Tuesday, was 27-year-old, Jeremy Like, also known as Jeremy Cardenas of Galesburg.

He was arrested at home after police conducted a search warrant at his home in the 700 block of Broad St.

Officers found what amounted to about 1,500 grams of cannabis.

Investigators also found packaging bags, that were consistent with packaging bags found on Martinez.

Detectives also located scales and a heat sealing machine, and ammunition.

Likes/Cardenas is charged with a less serious possession, and possession with intent to distribute charges, in addition to possession of drug paraphernalia and possessing ammunition without a valid FOID card.


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