Whether your grinding herbs for your cooking bowl or for your smoking bowl, grinders do come in handy for many situations.

Even an experienced roller of tobacco or dry herb will tell you that a grinder does have it’s advantages.

  1. It Saves Time. Depending on the quality of your dry herb, denseness, how it is cured, and dried, a grinder can turn a big dense bud into a perfectly roll-able pile of evenly crushed plant material which then can be easily and evenly be rolled into papers.
  2. Stops Runs. By having your herb crushed evenly it can be rolled into a more symetrical cigarette or joint which will help it to burn more evenly and have less hot spots where it burns too far up one side or the other.
  3. Adds a Bit of Weight. When you are not using a grinder then most likely when you’re crushing some buds by hand or otherwise disassembling some herb for rolling, then you probably toss out the stems. Even though the stems contain less of the desired nutrients and compounds that the rest of the saturated bud contains, it still contains some and when it’s ground up with the rest it adds to the overall weight of your batch. When ground up, the stems are mostly un-noticeable as far as taste, smell, or effect.

Sections of the Grinder

  • Two Piece grinder. A two piece grinder is the most compact variety. This is a good grinder for in the pocket and taking on travel.
  • Three Piece grinder. Second biggest variety and either has an additional chamber for storage
  • Four Piece grinder. Third largest type of grinder, sometimes with both storage and an inner finer screen for catching kief from bud grinding.
  • Five Piece grinder. The fourth largest type of grinder. Usually comes with storage and an extra screen for kief storage.

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders are the best choice most of the time and there are other occasions someone would find another type of material preferable.  Typically these are made from zinc alloy, titanium, anodized aluminum, or stainless steel.

Acrylic Grinders

These types of grinders are usually made of 2 pieces. Hardened plastic/acrylic grinders are fairly useful if nothing else is around, but they are seen as more of a temporary type as they are not made to last as long as a zinc alloy metal grinder, which is much tougher and will last longer. Be prepared to shell out a bit more cash for zinc alloy and other metal grinders.

Wood Grinders

Wood grinders are another favorite and a good quick grinder and sometimes a custom made wood grinders are built well, but these, like acrylic grinders are not made to last as long as metal grinders.

Card Grinders

Card grinders are flat and about the shape of a playing card. The most convenient benefit of the card grinder is the ability to place it easily in your back pocket or inside a wallet this way always having a portable grinder with you without the extra bulk.

Electric Grinders

Electric grinders are a bit of a novelty and most of the time are not built very well or with quality materials. There are times you may want to use one, especially if you’re unable to twist a normal grinder by hand.

Novelty Grinders

These are sometimes built with quality materials depending on who the maker of the grinder is. Some novelty grinders include skull head grinders, poker chip grinders, dice shaped grinders, and other similar types of which some hide the fact that it’s a grinder at all.

Kief Scraper Tool

This is a small scraper tool that comes included with some grinders, especially higher-end multi-piece grinders. A small flat semi-wide tip for scraping up leftover trichomes, thc crystals, and other finely ground kief substrate materials leftover from crushing larger bud.





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