What is a Vaping Starter Kit?

Starter vape kits typically are lower-powered devices that put out minimal vapor. These are actually good to start with if you want to try out vaping to see if it makes sense to make the switch.

There are mid-ranged powered to high-powered starter vaping kits and these are ok to start with also especially if you were a heavy smoker.

Lowered powered cigalikes and pod vaping devices are a great starting point because they still tend to provide satisfaction, even more so than more powerful units people say because they often use salt nicotine or other high nicotine e juice which helps to satisfy cravings.

Pod Vape Systems

Pod vaping kits are any vaping device that uses a pod to contain the e juice, which most often also contains the units atomizing unit. Sometimes these pods are only disposable and other pods have a refillable feature.

Even with refillable pods, most of the time you cannot rebuild or replace just the atomizer inside the unit and so have to dispose of the pod anyway after a few refills i.e. the atomizer is failing or mostly burnt.

Pre-filled Disposable Vape Pod Systems

Like many pod systems that are disposable, there are also fully disposable pod-like vaping devices, sometimes called sticks or tubes and or cigalikes. These are almost always disposable and cannot be refilled with new e juice.

Compact Vape Units that use Salt Nic

Even more compact yet are the fully disposable plastic all-in-one puff bar vaping devices that may resemble USB drives or other indistinguishable items. Other times devices not trying to be hidden or acting like other devices but can act as a quick fix if found in a gas station and your a person who vapes and doesn’t want to resort back to cigarettes.

Vape Tube Style Starter Kits

These are more apparent in an e-cigarette vaping device. Tube vapes are very popular and come in every type and look you can imagine. This category also includes Mech Mods, which are tube-shaped devices often with large safety buttons for firing the vape.


These are the e-cigarettes that look most like a traditional cigarette even down to the coloring on the butt end of the device. These were some of the first e-cigarettes on the market when the device makers were modeling after traditional cigarettes. From there came the clearomizers in every color which definitely marked a change in the identity of what an e-cigarette is supposed to look like.

Modern cigalikes are still on the market today and usually come as highly branded devices that focus on premium flavors in contrast to the quantity of vapor production. These smaller devices put out far fewer vapor plumes, but the nicotine content is often higher and with a potency of flavor which tends to come through better with these lower-powered devices.





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