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Are CBD E-Juice and CBD Oil – Same Thing?


CBD Oil is NOT for Vaping! CBD Oil is a tincture that may contain vitamin E and is meant for eating or taking orally and under the tongue only.

CBD E juice on the other hand IS meant to be vaped and is prepared with only this in mind.

CBD E Juice is CBD Isolate infused into Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin as a base which is the base that 90% of all nicotine e juices use currently as a base. Most CBD vape e-liquids do not have nicotine.

CBD Isolate

Sometimes referred to as CBD isolate crystal or CBD powder, CBD isolate is a 99% pure CBD medium which is great for mixing down into other substrates for eating, vaping, and oil tinctures.

Full-spectrum CBD Vape Additives

Full-spectrum refers to a product that includes some THC for the added benefits that it brings to the overall nature of the chemical combinations and efficacy of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Some THC refers to an amount that is less than .3% THC which is the minimum federally allowed limit.

Broad-spectrum CBD Vape Additives

Broad-spectrum refers to any product that contains most of the beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant but minus most if not all THC from the final product.

CBD Vape Flavors

Like other forms of e juice, CBD E juice can contain many different types of flavor additives, or just be plain with no flavor.

Lab Testing and CBD mg Levels

Always check to make sure that any source you order your CBD products through has third party lab testing and verified CBD mg levels.

Any good online ordering site will have this information displayed as an industry-standard nowadays.

Fluid Separation

Before refilling your CBD vape device check that your CBD e juice has not separated layers as this can happen fairly commonly.

CBD vape juice that is made of a higher standard will have less of this fluid separation in the final product.

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