Full spectrum live resin indicates that the vape oil you are enjoying is carefully extracted from the whole cannabis flower so as to capture and preserve the original cannabinoids & terpenes from the original strain and source. Weed connoisseurs prefer full spectrum because it is believed to have the most medicinal, holistic entourage effect. Many THC vape carts are made from dried cannabis leaves by a process called distillation that removes the terpenes altogether in order to concentrate the THC.  When they package their products, these distillate cartridge brands add terpenes – sometimes even artificial terpenes – back into the distillate. These manufactures call their products “refined live” or “live resin” carts, but they aren’t.

Solution: Only buy distillate-free cartridges such as those made by URSA Extracts. Try to avoid “live” cartridges that are distillate by checking the back of the box.  If it says distillate, distilled, or refined anywhere it is not a live resin cartridge.

Stop buying black-market carts! If the media has not said it enough, we will say it again. Vaping carts manufactured on the black market do not have to go through the rigid testing and quality control process of the products you buy from licensed dispensaries. It is now widely believed that the vaping crisis that occurred in 2019 was due to carts bought primarily on the illegal market.

URSA Extracts Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge and Low Temp Battery

Solution: Only buy tested real full spectrum live resin cartridges from licensed dispensaries. Products from a licensed dispensary retailer are tested and safe. Vaping cannabis cartridges are believed to be healthier for you than smoking, but only if they are tested and safe.

Temperature is everything when dabbing. Most cartridges are too hot for 100% live resin cartridges like URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce, which is a true dab pen. While the high heat causes huge clouds that might look cool, those high temperatures are probably destroying the unique terpenes that give your live resin flavor and other holistic effects.  If you are using high temps on real live resin carts, you are wasting your money and missing out on the full effect of the high.

URSA Extracts 510 Thread Low Voltage battery

Solution: Use a low voltage battery for 100% Live Resin Cartridges. URSA Extracts created the first ever low temperature burn free 510-thread battery to help protect the terpenes in liquid diamond sauce cartridges.

Metal carts slowly leach harmful chemicals into the oil over time. The longer the metal carts sit on shelves, they are more likely to leach harmful chemicals when they are heated.  And high temp batteries can accelerate this leaching by super heating the oil.

URSA Extracts Liquid Diamond Sauce ceramic Cartridge

Solution: URSA Extracts created the first ever fully-ceramic medical-grade cartridges on the market. Live resin cartridges made with medical grade ceramic hardware are believed to protect the taste of the terpenes and provide a more elevated vaping experience.

Most vape carts on the market are made from distillate, not live resin, but from product labels you would never know. Distillate is made from a mass production extraction process that often utilizes dried trim (leaves) or leftover cured buds. The result is a cheap oil that is high in THC but for the most part flavorless. Makers of distillate-based carts add in cannabis terpenes to create an acceptable vaping product.

Distillate carts rarely if ever declare they are made of distillate, instead they are misleadingly labeled to suggest you are buying a live resin or similar product.

Live Resin is called “live” resin because it is taken from fresh cannabis that is flash frozen immediately upon harvest.  The extraction process is done carefully to preserve all the flavors and other attributes of the flower – and therefore it is called full spectrum extraction. Distillate can never attain full spectrum status!

Solution: Only buy 100% Live Resin Cartridges, to get a true full spectrum vaping experience. Brands like URSA Extracts don’t add anything to their Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges because they use  a careful and unique extraction process to create their concentrates. When you use an URSA Extracts medical grade ceramic hardware cartridge you are enjoying everything the cannabis flower has to offer.  


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