Box Vape Mods | Styles | Types

What is a box vape mod? Simply it is any vaping device that is shaped like a box, a square or triangle shape, and other similar shapes as long as it is boxy with various sides and edges then it be considered a box vape mod.

Low Powered (Single Battery) Box Vape Mods

Low powered vaping devices consist mainly of starter devices and lower-powered pod vape kits. These units don’t require high power as the user is still getting use to how vaping works.

Low powered pod vaping devices which use nicotine salts have much higher nicotine content per puff and don’t require high vapor production.

High vapor plume production with nic salts is not recommended because of the high nicotine content and getting too much high concatenation nicotine in a short amount of time.

Mid to High Powered (2, 3 or more Batteries) Box Vape Mods

Mid to high-powered vaping devices put out considerably more vapor plumes than vape pods and most starter kits. These higher-powered devices are not meant to be used with high nicotine e juices and salt nicotines.

Often you will use a very low or zero mg e juice that has a more powerful flavor profile.

Squonk Box Vape Mods

Squonk vape mods are similar to drip vape mods but instead of continuously dripping new e juice into the top of your RDA every couple of puffs, there is an internal bottle that stores e juice inside the squonk box.

This is a soft silicone bottle which can be slightly squeezed (squonked) to shoot fresh e juice up a special hollow center RDA where it coats the coil and wick with fresh e juice.

Compact Box Vape Mods

These are any of the smaller vape pod devices which are small enough to fit inside a small pocket or ever comfortable where around your neck using a lanyard.

Un-regulated Box Vape Mods (Mechanical – Mech Mods)

These are any vaping devices that don’t have an internal chip or control mechanism inside the vaping unit.

Mech Mods or mechanical vape mods are easier to work on and rebuild, but can be more dangerous than regulated vape mods which internal control mechanisms to keep them from malfunctioning, over-heating or other trouble that can come with set-ups that are not put together in the correct manner.






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