What is in Your E Juice?

There are 4 Main Ingredients in most e juices.

#1. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid typically made from coconut, palm, or other oils. By itself, it is odorless and has a mild, sweet taste with a syrup-like consistency. The thicker liquid makes for thicker plumes of smoke.

#2. Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is one of the most commonly used bases which carries nicotine and flavoring better than VG. VG is an additive mainly to get thicker vapor with a bit of a stronger throat hit.

PG has been found safe as a food additive and is used by many common household goods such as:

  • Pet food (excluding cat food).
  • Beauty products, including make-up, shampoo, and baby wipes.

#3. Flavoring

Any shops and e juice maker understands the importance of using the safest chemicals in their mixes. This is especially true with the findings of Diacetyl and ‘Popcorn Lung’ that is known to be the cause in the result of inhalation.

No reputable e juice supplier uses this chemical any longer.

Flavoring agents are now safe as flavoring agents but still without official testing and results.

#4. Nicotine

Nicotine which is mixed into the batch at various levels. Nicotine can be bought in bulk and then used with flavoring and base mixtures to mix your own flavoring and e juice at various nicotine strengths.






What are the 10 Top Kinds and Types of E Juices?

There are many different kinds of flavors when it comes to e juices. Tens of thousands depending on how each individual manufacturer and shop owner flavor and brand their e juices. What are the best types of e juice to start with?

#1. Un-flavored E Juice

Traditional un-flavored e juice is often bought in bulk by shops and then mixed in with the shop’s custom flavors for custom e juice brands. This bulk un-flavored e juice can also be directly sold to the consumer and be mixed with flavorings at home.

#2. Menthol Flavored E Juice

Traditional Menthol flavor has a cooling sensation. Often times the flavor is minty by itself unless it is mixed with another flavoring. Menthol E Juice is a popular flavor among all flavored e juices.

#3. Fruity E Juice

Fruity e juice flavors cover any and all combinations of sweet fruit from cherry, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, red apple, peach and banana flavors, and much more.

#4. Sweet Flavored E Juices

Sweet e juice flavors other than fruity flavors include candy types, cakes, sweet muffins, white and dark chocolates, gummy worms, and a host of just about any sweet flavor you can imagine.

#5. Sour Flavored E Juices

Sour flavored e juices usually combine the sour with other sweet tastes. You tend to get the sour first and then the sweet second as an after-taste. Other sour e juices you may taste the sweet first and then the sour after.

Sweet and sour e juices can be enhanced with the type and size of drip tip you may have on your vaping device.

#6. Flavor and Menthol Combination Flavored E Juices

Mixing together menthol with other flavors offers a unique flavor combination. You may find something like blue raspberry combined with a mint for a cooled sweet raspberry taste. Sweet and fruity flavors are the types most often combined with menthol for totally new flavor enhancements.

#7. Cream Flavored E Juices

Cream flavored e juices are also another popular flavor choice. These are a smoother type of taste and include flavors like cream cheese cake, coffee and cream, peaches and cream, cream chocolates, fruits, and candies.

#8. Spicy Flavored E Juices

Spicy e juices typically are flavored with cinnamon flavoring. Cinnamon doesn’t mix that great with too many flavorings so you might have a tough time finding much diversity in this category.

Some spicy e juice even uses sriracha as a flavor! Sriracha has been reported by many people as not being a very likable flavor.

#9. Coffee Flavored E Juices

Coffee flavored e juice is another type although not as popular as the above-mentioned types. The coffee-flavored e juice category is fairly limited to variations of the flavor of the coffee.

There are some creative e juice flavors that successfully mix coffee and cream flavors as well as coffee and some sweets such as chocolate or cinnamon.

#10. Salt Nicotine E Juices

Salt nicotine e juices are by themselves an entire category. This is a chemical process not used previously to get a higher nicotine content and at the same time make the vapor smoother for inhaling.

Within the Salt Nicotine category, you can have all the flavor combinations mention above.



Vegetable Glycerin in ratio to Propylene Glycol

The standard ratio for most e juices on the market today is 50/50. This ratio generally depends on the type of vaping device your using. cigalikes, vape pods, and other less powerful units and you would want to use an e juice with a higher PG level than VG. Because of the low power, you might need a higher concentration of nicotine, which would come with a higher ratio of PG.

If you plan on using a high-powered or sub-ohm vaping device then you may want to lean the other way and have a higher VG level in your e juice.

Some sub-ohm vaping can be done with max VG e juice which allows for a smoother hit while producing a lot more vapor. In-taking such a large amount of vapor can be dangerous with high levels of nicotine. But with higher levels of VG in your e juice, you can avoid this and still get a high amount of vapor plume production.

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