Vaping accessories are a necessity with vaping today. Below you’ll find listed some of the most common extras you may need and short definitions.

Vape Device and Coil Building Tool Kits

Tool kits are an essential item, especially if your planning on building your own coils. Depending on your needs you may only need the low-end simple kits which come with all the tools you’ll need for building simple coils, battery replacement, and other small jobs.

Vape Device and Pod Lanyards

Not a “must-have’ item but some people find these handy. In preference to your personal vaping habits, lanyards may or may not be a good choice. Lanyards can be useful for those on the go, or also for taking along for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Silicone Jars and Dabbers

Again, depending on your vaping habits, personal preference, and what type of substance your vaping, you can find good storage containers for oily or waxy substances for cheap. Usually, a few silicone jars will do the trick. Since these are durable silicone they clean well, last a long time, and keep your product safe and sealed from outside pollutants. Dabbers are little tools sometimes with silicone-covered tips, sometimes not, which are used for retrieving small amounts of substance from your silicone jar.

Coil Building Supplies

What are the necessary supplies if you want to build your own coils?

The main supplies you will need consist of:

  1. Cotton – for coil wick
  2. Coil Wire – either pre-made coils or wound wire on spool
  3. Tool Kit – a helpful necessity for building
  4. Ohm Tester – user preference, sometimes not needed
  5. Coil Jig – user preference, sometimes not needed

Other Vaping Accessories

  • Ohm Testers
  • Wall and Car Chargers
  • Battery Wraps
  • Extra Glass Tanks
  • Pollen | Sift | Stash Boxes
  •  Carrying Cases
  • Extra Squonk Bottles





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