SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cannformatics, an early stage biotech startup focused on personalizing medical cannabis treatments through the identification and application of Cannabis-Responsive biomarkers found in saliva, today announced Canniatric and WPA4A as sponsors of their ASD pilot study.

The study is being conducted in conjunction with Dr. Bonni Goldstein, a Los Angeles-based pediatrician who specializes in cannabis medicine and is the Medical Director for CannaCenters, a California-based medical practice devoted to educating patients about the use of cannabis for serious and chronic medical conditions.

“We are excited to have three medical cannabis trailblazers, who work tirelessly to help their children along with thousands of other families to effectively use medical cannabis. The three of them along with Dr. Goldstein are truly pioneers in using medical cannabis to treat ASD” said Ken Epstein, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Cannformatics. “This study is the first step toward providing families and health care providers treating autism with recommendations that will provide predictable and repeatable outcomes while improving overall impact.”

The study brings together medical cannabis industry leaders:

  • Ray Mirzabegian, Canniatric CEO and founder
  • Rhonda Moeller, WPA4A CEO and co-founder
  • Jenni Mai, WPA4A president and co-founder

Canniatric and WPA4A share a common mission of being a source of education and understanding for families looking for medical cannabis-based treatments for their loved ones with autism.

“As a leader in pediatric cannabis medicine Canniatric aims to develop products that treat specific symptoms in children suffering from a variety of pediatric medical conditions,” said Mirzabegian. “We are proud to be sponsoring the Cannformatics study as we know increasing scientific understanding of the impact of cannabis treatment for ASD symptoms, is a step toward giving families greater peace-of-mind when deciding to treat their child with medical cannabis.”, is a source of education and community for over 25,000 families in the United States and around the world looking for support in helping their child with autism. What interests us about the Cannformatics’ study is it contributes to the scientific validation of medical cannabis as a treatment for autism. It also lays the foundation for future studies that will ultimately lead to reducing the time and money families spend searching for the right product to help their child,” said Moeller.

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About Cannformatics, Inc:

Cannformatics is an early stage biotechnology startup focused on personalizing medical cannabis treatment through the identification and application of Cannabis-Responsive™ biomarkers found in saliva. The company’s mission is to deliver predictable and repeatable science-based medical cannabis recommendations to improve health and quality of life. The company is now pursuing identifying biomarkers related to autism spectrum disorder in children. Follow us on Twitter @cannformatics. Cannformatics is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

About Canniatric, Inc.:

Canniatric is a leader in pediatric cannabis medicine, providing high-quality, consistent, and effective cannabis products to treat children suffering with epilepsy, autism, symptoms related to childhood cancers, and other pediatric medical conditions. Canniatric’s products can be found at cannabis dispensaries across Southern California or online at

Canniatric is headquartered in San Fernando, CA.

About WPA4A, Inc.:

Founded in 2016, WPA4A is a nonprofit that works with families all over the world who have a loved one diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. WPA4A works with like-minded organizations, medical professionals, researchers, and the medical cannabis community, in order to bring awareness to others about plant-based options for treating autism related symptoms. Go to to learn more. WPA4A is headquartered in Canyon Lake, CA.

SOURCE Cannformatics

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