Experienced vapors know that the flavors are the biggest draw to any ejuice. However, you might be wondering what is the difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice. The difference lies in the key ingredients between the 2, but there are a few similarities.

Vape Juice

What Vape Juice is commonly referred to as is e-liquid or e-juice. This is flavored nicotine that you’re able to vape using a device or a disposable pen. Also, it comes in different nicotine strengths and can be flavored or unflavored. The biggest controversy behind Vape Juice are the fruity flavors that it comes in. Many users are switching from traditional tobacco products and are turning to Vape Juice. The biggest draw for many users are the enjoyable flavors.

Although Savage Enterprises (our Parent Company) no longer sells Vape Juice to the general public; they took the same idea that made their Vape Juice very popular and began to make CBD Vape Juice. A lot of other CBD companies started to manufacture CBD Vape Juice later on. This resulted in the flavors being off or the balance of the products not being there. However, Savage CBD has the perfect blend of CBD and flavors that are not too harsh, and very enjoyable.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice

You’re able to Vape CBD through CBD Vape Juice that is specifically marked for that purpose. Although they come in different flavors like Vape Juice, CBD Vape Juice contains no nicotine. Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways that CBD can enter into your system This is due to the fact that you can begin to enjoy the CBD in a matter of minutes. The biggest draw for most CBD Vape Juice users are the flavors + the time it takes them to begin enjoying the CBD.

One important thing to note is that CBD Vape Juice uses CBD Isolate. This is CBD that has been extracted and isolated from the Hemp plant and made into a distillate. In other words, you’re only vaping CBD and have very few – if any of the other properties from the Hemp plant. However, in order to produce the rich flavors the CBD Vape Juice can contain. Also, CBD Vape Juice wont get you high regardless of how much you vape.

The Difference

The Difference

The biggest difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice is that e-juice contains nicotine and CBD Vape Juice does not. However, there are a couple of other major differences which include:

Blowing Fat Vape Clouds

You won’t be able to blow fat vape clouds when Vaping CBD like you would regular e-juice. This is because when you’re vaping CBD you need to use less wattage. When you vape e-juice that has nicotine you’re typically vaping at a higher wattage. This results in being able to produce fat vape clouds. You are able to blow fat clouds when you vape CBD; However, you will want to avoid doing so.

The reason why you will want to avoid blowing fat clouds when vaping CBD Vape Juice is because you’ll burn the CBD. The distillate inside the CBD Vape Juice needs to maintain a low wattage in order for it to be beneficial. If you vape your CBD at a high wattage you run the risk of burning your CBD – essentially ruining it. At that point you’ve wasted your money because the CBD will no longer be enjoyable.


We prefer using a pod system because the coils are built with higher ohms. The higher the ohms the less wattage you will need to power the coil. Also, most of the pod systems are only putting out between 10-15 watts and that’s exactly what you need. When you’re vaping CBD Vape Juice you’ll want to keep it between 5-15 watts.

When you’re vaping e-juice you’re able to keep the wattage high because it’s a lot more enjoyable that way. Also, the hardware doesn’t matter as much compared to CBD Vape Juice. You’re not limited to specific coils or having to adjust your wattage.

Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice

Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice

A CBD product that we would like to highlight is our Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice. This product contains no flavor and you’re able to add it to any e-liquid. If you’re a person who loves e-juice and wants to know what the combination of CBD and your favorite e-liquid feels like; this is the best product for you to try. However, we still recommend keeping the wattage low in order to get the full CBD experience.


The Difference Between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice

There are many differences and similarities between both products. However, the major difference is the lack of nicotine in the CBD Vape Juice. You are able to get similar flavors between both products but the experience will be different. Things to keep in mind is that you wont blow fat vape clouds using CBD and the wattage you’ll need to Vape CBD. An interesting combination is adding the Vape Shot to different types of e-liquid to create a unique experience.

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