Full disclosure: As I write this story at 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon, I have already received not one, not two, but nine emails headlining some kind of CBD product. And that’s just today. CBD is a hot topic right now in both the beauty and wellness spaces—both of which I’m heavily immersed in here at Who What Wear and THE/THIRTY. It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of inventive, intriguing, and even confusing product ideas. So hopefully, the fact that I’m writing about a new CBD launch conveys just how exciting this particular debut is. Translation: As someone who gets sent dozens of CBD products to test on a monthly basis, this is the only shipment of samples I’ve actually anticipated. The reason? It’s ingenious.

Enter Kaleidoscope Labs, a functional wellness brand that launched in 2019, and is dedicated to creating high-quality CBD supplements that can be stacked and combined. The intention is as follows: Customers can design their own routine and pattern of CBD-infused formulas to address specific needs and prevent specific, unwanted side effects of life—stress, lackluster skin, low-quality sleep, and more.

We’ll be doing a deep dive below and dishing up the full who, what, when, why, and how, but here’s the gist: Kaleidoscope offers five different organic, full-spectrum CBD formulas each with a different wellness-centric goal: Wake (energy), Glow (hair, skin, and nails), Sleep (relaxation), Boost (extra-concentrated CBD), and Soothe (anti-inflammatory).

You can either go rogue and choose whatever formulas sound enticing for your needs, or you can take the questionnaire and follow specific suggestions from the brand. It offers a monthly subscription starting at $80 per month or $105 for one-off products. Curious to know more? Keep scrolling!


Kaleidoscope is the brainchild of founder and CEO Ana Rosenstein. Priding itself on a direct-to-consumer premise, the brand is shifting the CBD paradigm by, yes, capitalizing on the buzzy potential of CBD but ensuring the supplement customers receive is of the highest quality, extremely effective, and adaptable and usable within each person’s routine and individual needs.

Even cooler? The brand is offering the most customized approach to CBD we’ve seen thus far in the health and wellness industry—in terms of what you’re taking, how you’re taking it, and even when you want to receive it (monthly deliveries for the win!). The formulas are strategically designed to be stacked, mixed, and combined throughout your day and week, and there isn’t one particular prescription for how, when, or why you take what. (Although, before your first order, you’ll take a brief survey on its site which will generate the brand’s recommendations.) Ultimately, however, your supplement regimen is up to you!


Boasting a unique and innovative capsule structure, the brand explains that the full-spectrum CBD sits inside the pill’s microcap and is surrounded by MCT oil. This way, each and every time you swig a capsule down, you’ll get an immediate release from the MCT oil and an instant release from the soothing CBD and other targeted ingredients from whatever formula you’ve chosen.

Oh, and unlike a tincture or other supplements that might yield varying doses of CBD, the Kaleidoscope design ensures you’re getting a regular, singular amount with each capsule—a thoughtful perk which plays nicely with the brand’s customized, stackable approach.

Kaleidoscope Labs Glow ($105)

Key ingredients: BioCell collagen, PABA, silica, full-spectrum CBD extract (15 milligrams per capsule, 30 per dose)

The benefits: enhanced hair, skin, and nail health

Kaleidoscope Labs Boost ($105)

Key ingredients: full-spectrum CBD extract (30 milligrams per capsule)

The benefits: a more concentrated formula of pure CBD for those who need a little extra TLC from their daily dose

Kaleidoscope Labs Sleep ($105)

Key ingredients: melatonin, L-theanine, full-spectrum CBD extract (15 milligrams per capsule, 30 per dose)

The benefits: promotes optimal relaxation and a better night’s sleep

Kaleidoscope Labs Soothe ($105)

Key ingredients: curcumin, hyaluronic acid, full-spectrum CBD extract (15 milligrams per capsule, 30 per dose)

The benefits: improved joint health/function and lessened inflammation


When it comes to the sourcing and quality of CBD, certain brands and products within the industry are definitely better than others. Kaleidoscope uses single-origin plant sources from Kentucky (it’s partnered with GenCanna) to extract full-spectrum CBD (aka all of the naturally occurring fats, proteins, and vitamins stay put). The result is a high-quality, organic capsule.


The ability to ‘stack’ products on each other allows each consumer to find their happiest medium and because CBD has a compounding effect, it also means that consumers can use multiple formulations throughout the day in a systematic and incremental manner,” the brand explains in a press release.

My goal is to move CBD out of the recreational space in which it often sits,” continues Rosenstein. In the same press release, she explains that while CBD has definitely generated notable buzz in the past few years, the majority of the population is still pretty underinformed when it comes to the substance—especially when it comes to the difference between CBD and THC.

“Kaleidoscope is a functional brand intended for general health and wellness and it aims to get as much of the good stuff into your system by providing a more bioavailable CBD product than many of the other things out there,” says Rosenstein. “We aim to educate the population on the benefits of CBD by maintaining a trustworthy, reliable, and educational brand that makes consumers feel empowered and excited to swallow their capsule every day.”


Still confused about the brand’s “stackability” or how much you can take of which formulations? Good question. According to the brand, each product is specifically designed to be consistent and effortlessly combined so you can create a healthy routine that works for your unique needs and wants. For instance, it states, you could potentially two Sleep capsules at night, and layer an additional Boost capsule in the middle of the day. But again, we’re all different, and we all have different tolerances, sensitivities, and biochemistries. After taking the initial questionnaire, we recommend taking heed of the brand’s suggestions and going from there. More than likely, there will be some trial and error required.

Oh, and as far as how to get your hands on Kaleidoscope, the capsules are officially available on the brand’s website today, July 1, with the option of one-time delivery starting at $90 (or more depending on how many bottles you order at a time your limit is three) or monthly deliveries starting at a reduced price of $75.

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