'Sweets laced with cannabis' eaten at school break land 13 teenage girls in hospital – Mirror Online

Thirteen teenage girls from a Catholic school were hospitalised after eating sweets containing a component of cannabis, police have said.

At 11.44am on Monday paramedics rushed to La Sainte Union Catholic School in Highgate, Camden after students started feeling ill.

A group of girls returned to the classroom after break and reported feeling dizzy.

Some of them vomited.

The girls began to feel dizzy and some started vomiting (Image: PA)

This evening Camden Police reported that the sweets had contained THC – the active ingredient in cannabis.

“We’re investigating after 13 children were taken to hospital having eaten what they thought were sweets at a school in Highgate Road,” the force tweeted.

“Nobody is thought to be seriously unwell. The school have informed parents.

“Enquiries underway to establish circumstances.

“We understand the sweets contained THC.

“We await tests to establish the quantity of THC in each sweet.

The incident happened at La Sainte Union Catholic School in Highgate (Image: PA)

“While we await a full update from hospital, nobody is seriously unwell.

“There has been no arrest; enquiries continue.”

Earlier today a London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We dispatched a number of resources including a clinical team leader, five ambulance crews, medics in cars and incident response officers.”

“We assessed thirteen teenagers at the scene and took them to hospital.”

In the UK products containing THC are legal, so long as it makes up 0.2% or less than the weight of the whole product.

Typically marijuana contains 30% THC, meaning consuming anything with 0.2% THC is not likely to have any affect.


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