I am running an experiment between my ebb and flow system and soil indoors in the same environment to see which grows heads of lettuce faster. Through my testing, it is pretty apparent that the soil is growing the plant faster than the hydroponics and I am not sure why (every video I watch suggest hydroponics is miles faster than soil). I have ensured that all my nutrient levels and ph is accurate so I am not sure why this is the case. The roots look extremely healthy as well. I am using the maxigro nutrient solution. What is every reason soil could possibly be beating my hydroponics ebb and flow set up? I want my hydroponics to grow my plants much faster than soil.

More info on my setup:

DWC box with holes for netcups. Every hour, the container floods and drains for 2 minutes. The roots are not necessarily surrounded with cococoir or hydroton like other setups, they are just dangling down in the box like other kratky setups.

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