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The brand has launched its SnowPlus Lite and SnowPlus Pro devices along with its SnowPlus Classic Pods, available in Mint, Classic Tobacco, Lychee, Mango, and Grapefruit flavours (£7.99 for a pack of three).

The SnowPlus Lite device (£14.99) is a “lightweight and affordable vape perfect for those that vape on the go” and SnowPlus Pro “has features than the Lite at a higher price point” (£24.99).

The brand said both pens feature TrueFeel technology which “facilitates an immediately effective vaping experience from the moment you start using the vape”.

SnowPlus has “become the second biggest vaping brand in China and is known for its commitment to providing a less harmful alternative to combustible cigarette smoking”.

The UK website will allow customers to buy products while “also getting an understanding of the brand and its technology, as well as contact details for the local team”.

Martin Miller, general manager pf SnowPlus UK and Ireland, said: “We look forward to bringing SnowPlus and its products to the vaping community in the UK. We feel the brand has a lot to offer the growing customer base here.

“SnowPlus has a great reputation overseas for being a premium brand that focuses on creating the best quality product for its customers.

“The team here is ready to win over existing vaping customers and converting smokers to switching to a less harmful smoking alternative.”




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