Slam City Vapes | City Rings Premium Shortfill Review.

Slam City Vapes have arrived, and Dan over SCV reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their brand new range of Premium short fill eliquids. And having worked with Dan before, I was more than happy to oblige, and excited to get my hands on these super tasty sounding juices.

The Slam City Vapes Story

Slam City Vapes are a craft e-liquid company from London, UK. Serving up a small but sophisticated range of 50ml shortfill e-liquids, giving a modern twist to some old time classics. Evoking the most pleasurable vaping experience from their unique and distinct flavour combinations, Slam City Vapes Shortfills are one of the most palatable line of e-liquids on today’s market.

Slam City Vapes was born in a quest to find better tasting, higher quality crafted e-liquids. Offering a small, but outstanding, flavour menu our range serves up firm favourites with a modern twist. Our range of sophisticated flavour pairings and unique flavour profiles meld together to create our palatable line of premium shortfills. Giving a modern twist to old favourites, each of our line-up serves up distinct and surprising flavour profiles. The outcome; smooth and multiple layered flavours that will evoke the most pleasurable vaping experience.

The Slam City Vapes range:

Slam Punch – Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Lime

Slam Slice – Cherry Bakewell Tart

City Rings – Black Forest Donut

City Squeeze – Sour Orange Ice

They are £12.95 per bottle, and we are offering 2 for £20. There is a nic shot they are also doing but there has been a delay in production. Have sent you another branded nic shot for the purpose of the review.

SCV ~ City Rings 

City Rings is described as follows:

Slam City Vapes – City Rings Shortfill e-liquid features an almost impossible to resist donut paired with the signature flavours of black forest. A light and soft donut base, deep-filled with a black forest compote and topped with chocolate and cream. The light and airy donut delivers a smooth inhale spiked with sweet and sour notes of cherry. A rich chocolate and cream follows on the exhale. “

Price : £12.95 for 50ml Shortfill with Free Nic Shot ( Mix & Match ~ 2 for £20)

Delivery : Free Delivery for orders over £20.

Available at : vape &

Today’s Vaping Setup. 

  • Dovpo Topside Dual @ 70w
  • Augvape Druga 2 RDA
  • Pair of fused Claptons running at a combined 0.18ohms
  • Vape fly Firebolt Cotton

The City Rings Vaping Experience.

As readers of my blog will know, I’m a massive Donut 🍩 fan, and anything with Donut in the description always gets my attention, and is always first in the review que. Especially when it is paired up with a serving of Black Forest. The perfect place for your tastebuds to get lost in.

Firstly, the aroma of this juice, is absolutely stunning, an amazing blend of warm donuts, and aromatic chocolate, a real donut lovers delight.

As you slowly inhale, and the coils instantly heat up, and the well wicking juice begins to slowly crackle as it transfers from cotton to coil, instantly transforming from golden liquid to a thick dense clouds of warm vapor. you get an intensive wave of rich, perfectly sweetened Donut batter mix, which travels up the tongue, with an almost sugary sweet tingle, from the generous layer of crispy sugar coating,  The double dipped donut infusion stays true as it travels back up the tongue, the moorish goodness seemingly intensifying as it reaches the back of the throat, where it delivers a satisfyingly sweet, solid throat hit.

You then briefly pause at the end of the inhale, to maximise on the moorish mouthwatering donut infusion, getting every drop of flavour from it, before you begin to exhale, and the thick dense vapor turns, rushing back out over your tongue. Delivering not only the sensationally seductive donut batter blend, but a generous layer of classic ‘Black Forrest’.  With the sweet & sour high notes of the dark cherries, nestled in a soft bed of double cream, with a generous swirl of melted chocolate, with each of the flavour notes in turn, bursting with flavour , flooding your palette with an immersive infusion, of incredible dessert flavour, coming together to create the ultimate donut vape.

Final thoughts….

This super tasty dessert vape is not to be missed, an absolutely stunning Donut Vape.

MVR Score

Flavour : 10/10

Throat Hit : 10/10

Vapor Production : 10/10

Overall : 10/10

You can pick up a bottle over at


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