He says, ““I’ve never subscribed to that view […] it causes huge issues to vulnerable people across the country”.

What are these “huge issues “? He goes on to say, ““When I was director of public prosecutions, I prosecuted many, many cases involving drugs and drug gangs and the criminality that sits behind, and it causes huge issues to vulnerable people across the country.”

Ahh, so it’s the criminality that is the issue, that makes sense, the most dangerous thing about cannabis to the vast majority of “vulnerable people” is it’s continued illegality. The law forces otherwise law abiding citizens to associate with criminals and potentially be drawn into their world.

So how do we fix this? Keir wants to maintain the status quo. Given the fact that he currently seems to be backing whatever the Tories are pushing through Parliament re. Covid dictats and the withdrawal agreement, the title “leader of Her Majesty’s opposition” is beginning to look little more than a ceremonial one. Very sad for democracy IMO.


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