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Aultmore Capital, Pacific Grown Organics (PGO) and the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis have announced that they have reached a settlement in the coalition’s appeal of PGO’s proposed cannabis operation in Carpinteria, which will allow PGO to continue their application for a land use permit from the county.

PGO stated that they have created a “robust adaptive management plan to meet the challenge of odor control” and that the coalition was instrumental in developing this plan—the Odor Inquiry Response Plan—that will take into account community feedback to hold cannabis farms accountable in addressing odor drift. PGO has agreed to make public its standard operating procedures for harvesting and their Odor Abatement Plan, including a weather monitoring system, a community outreach list and notification protocols, initial VOC monitoring upon operation, and a robust Odor Inquiry Response and Corrective Action Plan. 

“PGO’s commitment to test the effectiveness of this new approach and then do whatever is needed to control odors and prevent impacts to the community convinced us this was a responsible grower who deserved our support,” said Coalition Board member Rob Salomon. “The coalition has been working hard for over a year to create a sustainable and compatible relationship with area growers. We’re glad PGO stepped up to the plate and we look forward to a sustainable future for cannabis in Carpinteria.”


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