I’m new to hydroponics. A few weeks ago I placed Peruvian pepper seeds within rockwool cubes soaked in PH 8 water, and left in a nursery with a heat pad and cover running around 20 – 23 C. In less than a week they sprouted but it’s been 10 days and more or less they remained the same size in the picture.

On day 7 I began moistening them with water as well a bit of nutrient solution mixed in (e.g. use a medicine dropper to pour 0.25 ML of pure nutrient solution at the base of the plant on top of the rock wool) I can’t seem to find information online on what days and what quantities I should be applying this solution.

TLDR New to Hydroponics, pepper seedlings appear to stalled in growth and I’m not sure if I need to be more patient or worry


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