Unknown costs for society and taxpayers

How about how much it costs to keep it criminalized? This could even be said for any proposed government policy but we don’t use that as the basis of our current legal system… why just cannabis?

2. It will turn NZ’s youth to other drugs

Hasn’t this been repeatedly disproven? Legalization has been shown to not impact, or sometimes lower the rate of teens using drugs (aside from caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

3. Workplace safety and productivity

So the same risks as alcohol? I also saw another study came out recently that refutes this (claims cannabis use outside of work has no impact on performance and safety).

4. Bad for the environment

If lacking regulation (and enforcement), sure

5. Property prices could rise, or fall

That’s hardly the problem the title makes it out to be. It claims that “42% of Canadians believe a cannabis retailer will negatively affect their home values.” as its only evidence of lowering property values. And it only increased property value by 6% in Colorado, their other example. This could be used as a “con” for nearly every government policy.


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