It’s already been established that CBD is a great and all-natural choice to resolve or reduce pain, anxiety and symptoms from a variety of ailments, including those affecting the musculo-skeletal, digestive, and nervous systems. In these uncertain times, CBD is a great product to alleviate stress and anxiety, and to enhance deep, restorative sleep. While CBD is easy to find, CBD that is pure and clear without toxic chemicals is not.

Hemp is known to be a bioaccumulator; this means that it absorbs toxins from the air, soil and water and they accumulate within the plant. (In fact, hemp was used in experiments in the 1990’s to absorb radiation and toxins around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in then-Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and was proven to be helpful in healing our planet of toxins.)

But Hemp’s bioaccumulation abilities become potentially hazardous in the consumption of CBD products. Any pesticides, herbicides or toxins in the soil, water and air can be absorbed, then transferred to the CBD product, and then to the consumer. This is why it is important to know where your CBD was farmed and how it was processed. Though it is difficult to find because the certification process and farming regulations are so rigid, USDA Certified Organic CBD is a must to avoid toxins and chemicals absorbed from the environment or used in the extraction of CBD from the hemp plant. Knowing that the manufacturer conducts third-party laboratory testing of their product to ensure purity would also ensure a top quality, pure and clear product. Lastly, it is important that you purchase your CBD from a trusted manufacturer and retailer for confidence in your product. For more questions on CBD, please go to:


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