For the longest time in America we knew we could not use PayPal to sell vape gear.  What about to buy vape gear?

Many of you may have noticed that your PayPal accounts got locked for absolutely no reason at all.   It seems if you have bought from or if there is anything in your name that even looks like vaping – your fate is sealed.   For the longest time International Sites (most notably in China) could sell vape gear without issue with PayPal.   This was what started the PayPal crack down yet again. 

 3Avape (A large international vendor) just put out an announcement.  


We don’t know exactly why they decided to this right now but we do think it has something to do with PayPal getting into the Cryptocurrency Market.

This effects the customers more than the vendors.   I have had many people tell me their accounts got locked. They only bought vape gear from “xxxx” vendor.

People are not holding balances in their accounts.  I would for the time being follow that advice.


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