Review of the OXVA Velocity 21700 Full Kit.

The V in OXVA is for Velocity,  which is the latest addition from new to market company OXVA, the creators of the Orgin X and the Orgin AIO, and recently moved in to the RTA market with the all-new Arbiter RTA

OXVA Velocity 21700 Full Kit is the smallest single 21700 box mod and excellent pod mod. OXVA Velocity box mod is powered by a single 18650/ 20700/ 21700 battery with max 100W output. And OXVA Velocity mod features a creative 510 connection, which doesn’t come off when you unscrew the tank or cap.

OXVA Velocity 100W mod supports 3 modes: Smart/ Power/ Voltage modes to meet vaper’s needs. OXVA Velocity is compatible with all OXVA coils, includes Unipro coils(0.15ohm/ 0.3ohm/ RBA) and Unicoils (0.2ohm/ 0.3ohm/ 0.5ohm/ 1.0ohm/ RBA). Unipro RBA coil(sold separately) is the first MTL and RDL RBA.

About OXVA.

Many of you probably haven’t heard of OXVA as a company, As are still fairly new to the Vaping scene, they may be a newer company, put they bring them a wealth of experience and knowledge, Justin Lai who is their CEO, is mainly know for his previous design creations, designing the Geekvape Aegis range of mods, and the Zeus range of tanks.

Parameters of the OXVA Velocity 21700

  • Dimensions : 100.5mm x 27mm x 41mm
  • Battery: single 18650/ 20700/ 21700 battery(not included)
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Screen
  • Output: 5-100W
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8.0V
  • Charging: Type C 2A fast charging system
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.0ohm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Resistance: 0.15Ω mesh coil(60-80W)
  • 0.3Ω mesh coil(30-40W)
Comes in a choice of finishes and colours.

  • Black Leather.
  • Brown Leather.
  • Carbon Fibre.
  • Black Marble
  • Rose Gold.
  • Gold Ripple

Features of the OXVA Velocity 21700 Kit

  • Creative 510 connection
  • Powered by single 18650/ 20700/ 21700 battery with max 100W output
  • 3 modes: Smart/ Power/ Voltage modes
  • Buck-boost converter PCBA
  • Compatible with all OXVA coils
  • RBA Unipro coil(sold separately) for MTL and RDL vaping

OXVA Safety Features

  • The Switch timeout protection, 
  • Short circuit protection,
  • Overcharge protection,
  • Over discharge protection,
  • Output over-current protection.

What’s included in the OXVA Velocity Kit?

  • 1 x Velocity Device
  • 1 x Unipro 0.15ohm(Airflow ring included)
  • 1 x Unipro 0.3ohm
  • 1 x Unipro Cartridge(5ML)
  • 1 x Unicoil Cartridge(5ML)
  • 1 x Disassembly tool
  • 1 x USB Type-C cable
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Attention Card
  • 1 x User manual

The Body.

The build quality on the Velocity is absolutely brilliant, and one of the best designs i have come across,   Due to the 21700 battery capacity, the OXVA Velocity has quite a large prescience in the hand, especially for what is essentially a Pod Mod.  But what a Pod Mod it is.

Machined out of high quality zinc alloy the Velocity feel super sturdy in the hand, and has a really nice weight to it, especially when the 21700 battery is installed.

The curved edges of the body feel great, and fits perfectly in the hand, with just the right mount of length, for it to lay across the palm. The one I was sent was finished in a premium black leather, which has the OXVA branding embossed into the side. The leather gives, what would have been quite a smooth mod, a nice texture and a good amount of grip.  I must say it is one of the best feeling AIO.  A real premium feel to it. and its nice to see that they haven’t gone overboard with the branding and kept it nice and subtle.  With just the OXVA on the side panel, and Velocity on the edge.

On the leading edge of the device, just below the air flow holes is located the well place fire button,  which is relatively small in comparison the device, but has a nice positive click action, and very responsive.

Below the fire button is the Velocity Screen, which is bright, both inside and out, as well as being well laid out.

Displaying the OXVA logo in the top left. Next to the clear battery bar indicator. Sitting above a nice large wattage.

Below the wattage the the function display, which shows if you are in SMART mode, which will read the coil, and set the device to the recommended wattage.

In the green bars underneath it displays the resistance of the coil, volts drawn, time of draw and puff counter.  The only thing missing off the display is the battery percentage, which would have been nice instead of the OXVA logo.

Pressing the fire button 3 times takes you into the Sub Menu, which is a little small in my opinion, and could have been a bit bigger.

In the Sub Menu you can select 

  • SMART – which will deck the correct power and will limit the wattage based on the coil installed.
  • POWER – Which allow you to have total control of the wattage from 5w up to 100w, which you will need to use with the RBA Base.
  • VOLT – Allows you to run it in voltage mode from 0.5v all the way up to 8v.
  • COLOUR – Allows you to change the colour of the screen.
  • EXIT – Takes you back to the main screen.
The menu system and power is adjusted with the two small control buttons located under the screen.

Below the control buttons, is the Type C  Charing port, as with all mods I would recommend charging the batteries in an external charger.

The Battery.

The velocity can be powered by an 18650 (using the adapter) or a 20700 or 21700 batteries 🔋, your chosen battery is installed by simply opening the battery door on the base of the device.

Once installed the battery door clips shut, I have had no issues with the door holding shut.

Pods and Coils.

The Velocity kit comes with two pods, one pod holds the standard OXVA Coils, and the other one with the larger opening holds the larger Velocity coils, and the amazing RBA base coil.

Each pod will hold 5ml of juice, and allows you to swap out you drip tip.


The airflow on the Velocity is controlled in two ways, first via the adjustment on the Air Flow Control base which attaches to the bottom of the coil/RBA. And allows you to fine tune the amount of air running through to the coil.

The Air flow Base allows you to choose from wide open,  then the choice of two holes getting progressively smaller.

Secondly you can convert the RBA Base into a MTL Coil, by simply installing the Airflow plug, that going into the base of the deck.

I have been enjoying the Velocity in DTL mode, with the airflow at about 50% open.

When the pod is installed, the air is drawn in through the large airflow slot located on the sides of the device.

Each pod is held firmly in place with four large strong magnets, which a recessed on the top of the device, and sits in each corner, around the spring loaded connection pins.


The fill port is located on the top of the pod, just to the side of the drip tip. With a fill hole large enough to allow juice in, and air out, very well designed, and located.

The 510 Connector.

The Velocity is more than a pod mod, and can be transformed into a 21700 Mod, by installing the included 510 connector.
The 510 connector I held very very firmly in place by two clips and four magnets, so has no movement at all when installed.

To install the 510 connector simply remove the pod, and press fit the connector, with click in place with a satisfying snap.

Once in place, it looks seemless, and gives the Velocity a great look. And allows you to install any of your 510 atomisers. As well as the RBA base, for dry burning it.

The 510 connector is held so securely that you need to use the special tool that they supply in the kit, which you need to thread into the 510 connection, and then angle it to the side, and the 510 Adaptor simply snaps back out.

The tool can also be used to pull the coil out of the pod should it get stuck, using the thin end to slip into the air hole and prize out. Very good idea.

The RBA Base

As a separate purchase you can get the outstanding RBA base, that will fit in the larger of the two pods, and allows you to build and wick your own coils.

The RBA Kit also comes with a small tool kit, MTL Drip tip., MTL Airflow Adaptor, and 510 base, Coil and Cotton, so everything you need to get building.

The RBA Build.

The RBA base is super easy to build on, and it is just a matter of loosening off the deck screws, and then slip the coil tails under each screw and then tighten the screws back down, and then trim off the excess legs.

The deck has four screws, which allows you to put both left and right handed coils, which is great as most RBA bases don’t have this option.

Once the coil is in place it is just a matter of adjusting the coil, to ensure that it is centred on the deck and lifted, so it is not touching anything, which would cause a short.

I must say this RBA base is super easy to build on, and a real joy to wick, I have had zero issues with dry hits, or any wicking issues.

Simple thread the cotton through, and then give it a good comb out.

Once the cotton has been thinned out, you can then carefully poke the cotton, down into the wick ports, ensuring that it is still nice a loose, and not to tight.

Then just prime the cotton, with your juice, and adjust if needed. And then screw the top cap back on, and exchange the 510  base with the air flow base. And then press it into the pod, fill up with juice.

Performance & Every Day Useage.

I have absolutely loved using the Velocity, with the RBA base installed, super impressive flavour, and such a smooth draw, through the adjustable airflow ring, the controls are easy to navigate, and with 21700 installed, you can happily vape on it all day.

It feel great in the hand and is the perfect size in my opinion, and has a really premium feel to it, and has totally faultless over the three weeks I have been testing it.

Switching out the the standard pod and coil, also gives you outstanding flavour, and an insane amount of vapour from a Pod system.

Final Thoughts

Having put the OXVA Velocity through its paces, I would have to say it is one of the best Pod Mod systems I have had the pleasure of using, and would be hard to beat as has all the boxes ticked for me. Highly recommended.

Pro’s 👍

  • Impressive build quality.
  • Best RBA base system I have used.
  • Adjustable Airflow.
  • 510 Adaptor included.
  • Uses 18650, 21700, 20700 batteries.
  • Top fill.
  • Looks amazing.
  • Great flavour.
  • RBA base takes both left and right handed coils.
  • 5ml pod capacity 
  • No leakage issues.

Con’s 👎

  • No Battery % indicator.
  • And that’s about it. It’s that good.

You can purchase the OXVA Velocity Direct from the OXVA Store for worldwide shipping Click here.  
or if you are in the UK head over to where you can order the OXVA Velociity 

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