Nutrients Question

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up a small (22 gallon) DWC basil grow and I have a nutrient question for the more experienced growers out there.

I’m trying to figure out a “recipe” or formulation for fertilizer for this grow. I stumbled upon this website ( ) which has the following formula:

x = (ppm*dilution factor) / (element%*constant)

  • where x is the amount of fertilizer I need (in grams) to make one volume of stock solution

  • ppm is the desired concentration in ppm

  • element% is the concentration of dry fertilizer (as an example, 50-0-0)

  • Constant (in this case grams per liter) is 10

The dilution factor part of the formula is a little confusing to me. The page says that this number is based on the fertilizer injection ratio. For example, a 1:100 injector ratio delivers 100 gallons of dilute solution for every gallon of stock solution. Does it logically follow that a 1:22 ratio will mean that one gallon of stock solution will create 22 gallons of dilute solution?

Final question, if this formula were to be correct, and I created two separate stock solutions of a target 100ppm each, does that mean that when I mix these two stock solutions their ppm will add up to 200ppm in the final, dilute solution?

Thanks everyone!

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