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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A second company is now offering vaping detection devices that also have the ability to sense bullying in schools.

Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies, says bullying and vaping typically go hand-in-hand, which is why the alarms are able to work.

“We found that kids that don’t vape are the ones being bullied now,” Peterson said. “They’re going into these bathrooms, which kids are calling the ‘Juul room’ and now because they’re not vaping, they’re being picked on because they’re not part of the cool class.”

The company’s device, called FlySense, picks up vapors in the air and can be installed in a bathroom or locker room. The alarms also have the ability to pick up decibel levels, which could mean somebody is being bullied.

“A certain spike of decibel level in the human voice frequency depicts that ‘hey, this is potentially bullying,’ or ‘something that we should go investigate, somebody may have fallen,’” Peterson said.

The company CEO tells WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall that he was severely bullied as a child and doesn’t want anyone to go through the same hardships he went through.

Peterson says when schools install his device, once bullying or vaping is detected, a text or emails is sent to the school administration so that somebody can investigate.

In October, another company unveiled a similar system that detects vapor and bullying and triggers an alarm system.

Both devices are in response to the growing vaping crisis among children and teenagers.


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