With your favorite Tacoma dispensary offering so many strains, it is sometimes difficult to figure out which one you want. On those days when you just absolutely cannot decide, there’s no need to rely on strain reviews or hazy memories of various smoke seshes. Instead, why not try choosing a strain based on your Myers-Briggs personality type? 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality typing tool that was developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. They believed it was possible to understand an individual’s personality based on four primary functions: 

E (Extraversion) or I (Introversion); S (Sensing) or N (INtuition); T (Thinking) or F (Feeling); J (Judging) or P (Perceiving). 

By combining these eight possibilities, Myers and Briggs identified 16 different personality types, each one represented by a series of these letters. Each of the letters corresponds to one of the above dominant personality traits. 

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Choose Your Strain by Personality Type 

Now that you have the basics of the Myers-Briggs personality types down, let’s talk weed. 

ESTJ: Blue Dream

You’re a highly reliable person, and you like your weed to be just as reliable. A West Coast classic, Blue Dream offers a high you can depend on. This potent sativa offers euphoric, uplifting effects without the feeling of heavy sedation or couchlock. As an ESTJ, you are efficient, realizing that you can’t solve the world’s problems, but that you can solve your own. And you know weed helps.

ENTJ: Green Crack

You’re always on the go, living a busy, fast-paced life full of appointments, deadlines, meetings, and other activities. Your schedule may be packed full, but it’s artfully planned and organized. You’re ambitious, motivated, and dedicated. This is why a bowl of Green Crack will help fuel your days.

INTJ: Do-Si-Dos

As a hybrid, this strain has both sativa and indica effects existing harmoniously and autonomously. It’s the perfect strain for an INTJ. Independent, logical, and eager to absorb new knowledge, INTJs are dream-chasers that wish to be everything possible at once. Nothing will settle your sanity better than Do-Si-Dos: A cross of GSC and Face Off OG, this is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces strong cerebral and euphoric sensations. Be ready to finally feel relaxed after a bowl or two.

ENTP: Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints that offers both euphoric mental effects and calming body effects. Just like your weed, you thrive on duality: Enthusiastic yet still realistic, curious but responsible. You maintain a balance in your life, and you want a strain that offers the same. The mental euphoric rush is juxtaposed by the mellow, chill body high. It’s a hybrid made just for you.

ISFP: Jack Herer

You look for both the beautiful and the practical things in life. You’re drawn to things that are classic and bold. The Jack Herer strain. You are sensitive and warm in nature, and you look at things with optimism. You are easily let down, and you need to learn that you cannot take on everyone’s problems as your own. Instead, sit down and smoke a bowl of some bold Jack Herer. This three-way cross of Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk is a strong sativa that offers blissful, clear-headed, and creative effects that are paired up with a full body buzz that tingles from head to toe. A blend of flavors, this strain offers earthy, woody, and pine flavors with hints of citrus. 

ENFJ: Sour Patch Kids

A strain that makes you feel like a kid at heart can make even the most boring of days fun! You are charismatic, outgoing, and tend to push the boundaries of social acceptability. You are charming and get along with most groups of people. While you love to laugh and joke, take care to read the room. Sour Patch Kids is a sativa hybrid created through the crossing of Sour Diesel and Sour Kush. This strain is highly uplifting, while also relaxing. You’ll feel mentally on, but physically relaxed. This is a great strain to enjoy any time of the day!

ISFJ: CBD Critical Mass

A strain rich in CBD offers a totally different vibe. Just like you, the CBD adds a gentleness to the high. You are able to see the silver lining in every situation. You are the one your friends come to for advice. You know how to party and have fun, but don’t mind being the “parent friend” at all. CBD Critical Mass is a variety of the Afghani and Skunk #1 crossing. An indica-dominant strain, this one is great for relaxation and putting your mind at ease. It gets the creative juices flowing and offers intense euphoria without putting you to sleep. So, you can still be there for your friends while you chill.

ISTJ: Grape Ape

With an uncomplicated grape and aroma and flavor, this strain is straight to the point. You are trustworthy and responsible. You work your butt off, and put 100% effort into everything you do. In fact, the only strain that will relax you enough is Grape Ape. This strain is the ideal indica. Featuring a strong grape flavor from Mendocino Purps, and the sedating high of Afghani, and the pungent aroma of Skunk #1, Grape Ape is the best way to unwind.

INFP: Maui

Maui has a dependable high, but with less intensity. You know how to relax and unwind. You’re creative and idealistic. You have a close circle of friends who may as well be family. While you have no problems with who and where you are in life, you prefer to search out all of life’s possibilities. Maui is a sativa-dominant hybrid that fosters your creativity and brings on feelings of euphoria. You can expect a buzzing uplift that brings on hazy focus, strong creativity, and plenty of laughs. This is a feel-good strain, one that you will want to smoke again and again. 

INFJ: Supermax OG

This is the rarest of the Myers-Briggs personality types. You are often reserved, but highly sensitive to the feelings of others. Generally idealistic, INFJs have high moral standards and a strong focus on their future. You like things done with feeling, with meaning and history behind it. And no strain holds more history than an OG Kush variant. Supermax OG is a cross of the famous OG Kush and Superman OG. This fast-hitting and highly potent indica hybrid both lifts your mood and relaxes your body. It’s legacy is strong, much like your sense of self. You enjoy the little things in life, finding pleasure in a beautiful moon or the solitude of a nature walk.

ESFP: Hawaiian Diesel

You are a social butterfly with a long list of friends who adore your enthusiasm and spontaneity. You are a sativa hybrid, but just because you’re the life of the party now doesn’t mean you don’t have a more responsible side that will come out Monday morning. A cross of Sour Diesel and Aloha State, Hawaiian Diesel offers a delightfully sweet and tropical flavor profile. The perfect daytime strain, this uplifting flower is the perfect companion for social settings.  

ENFP: Golden Goat

You are quite eccentric. Spices, lemon, and sweet tropical fruit flavors together?? In one strain?! You are playful and enthusiastic – never one to say no to an adventure. However, you are very loyal and highly supportive of your friends. You know what they need and when to give them that nudge down the right path. Golden Goat is a sativa hybrid born through the crossing of Hawaiian Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. This strain is very potent and leaves you energetic and euphoric.

ESFJ: Dabs

Ah, the big leagues: Dabs. You are coming into your own. You’re friendly, outgoing, and everyone wants you at their parties. You can just as easily be found at home watching Netflix on a Friday night as you can be all dressed up at a party. Dabs are heavy-hitters, and exactly what you need to fuel your days. Opt for a sativa when you want to go out, and reach for an indica when you want to chill out at home. Want the best of both worlds? Go for a hybrid. 


You are fast-minded and quick to respond to others. And you need a strain that is equally responsive. A fast-hitter, if you will. You are very methodical and a problem solver. You’re constantly seeking answers, but can also easily become overwhelmed. THC Bomb is a fast-hitting indica hybrid that is a cross of Big Bud and Pure Power Plant. Great for a lazy afternoon or a cozy night in, this strain provides the ultimate in relaxation without putting you to sleep on the couch.

INTP: Pineapple Express

The strain made famous by the movie of the same name. You tend to be introverted, idealistic, creative, and motivated by your high values. You want to make the world a better place, and you are very supportive and nurturing of your friends. Just as you leave your friends feeling uplifted, so will Pineapple Express make you feel. With flavors of sweet tropical fruit and pungent earthiness, this sativa hybrid will have you both euphoric and relaxed. This is a great strain to enjoy when you need to work through something, or need to get something done. With its heavy sativa effects, this strain offers the boost you need during the day.

ESTP: Edibles

Edibles are food items or beverages infused with THC. A novel innovation in the world of cannabis, it’s curious and adventurous, much like yourself. You tend to be in the know about every new trend and are spontaneous in how you approach the world. But, you are also versatile and able to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Edibles are an adventure, as they could hit out of nowhere, hours after you’ve consumed them. With a potent high that can be either indica or sativa leaning, edibles are just the thing for ESTP personality types. 

Final Thoughts

With sixteen personality types, individual traits can overlap from one type to another. Some people fall between two personality types, or find they don’t quite fit into any one category. And that’s okay. The Myers-Briggs personality test is considered pseudoscience by some, and others feel it gives one insight into their personality and what drives them. Regardless, it’s fun and this blog post is intended as entertainment.

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Disclaimer: Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of Marijuana. Marijuana, in any form, should not be used by individuals that are pregnant or breastfeeding. Marijuana is intended for use only by adults 21 and older. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. This product may be unlawful outside of Washington State.


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