Looking for any advice that more experience hydroponics people can give me.

Started with the AeroGarden – its going strong, harvesting lots of (mostly basil and parsley) from it. I also started some Celebrity tomatos in a 1 gallon pail with an airstone and after it filled up completely with roots moved it to a 3 1/2 gallon pail where it has just started to flower – also upgraded to a larger airstone (4") to keep things oxygenated and mixed around.

Using sewing elastic on the shelf to help support the tomato plants (there are three, but only two are tall and thriving) and doing complete water changes every 14 days – using General Hydroponics Micro/Bloom/Gro and dechloramating my city water using ascorbic acid and adjusting PH using PH down.

Here are my questions:

My tomatoes seem to be (based on the colour of the water) eating up nutrients mainly within a couple days – without an EC meter how often should I be re-adding nutrients before I start putting them at risk?

Is there an EC meter that is halfway reliable but less expensive than the Truncheon?

Is there anything I should change about this setup now that i'm getting flowers and will presumably soon get fruit? Is my light in the right place?


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