More than 50 percent of adult Canadians have trouble sleeping, and a further 80% use the weekend to catch up on lost sleep!

Insomnia (from ’Stoner Meditation’, amazon)

If you’re going to be ruminating, tossing and turning, and involved with distractions for hours – please learn to meditate. At least you will be using your time constructively.

Here’s the method I use (you can skip the medical MJ if it’s ’not your thing’):

First I take 2 small hits of indicia marijuana (actually it’s a mix of 4 types of indicia). I lay down flat on the bed on my back, no pillow. Get comfortable because you won’t be able to move at all. Put your two hands on your sternum, thumbs touching. Focus on the in-breath, feel your chest rise. Notice the brief pause. Focus on the out-breath, feel your stomach sink. Lastly comes the next pause (or coasting) to the next breath.

Include the feeling at the nostrils where the air comes in and goes out. If you get an itch don’t scratch it, let it drive you crazy (but notice the beginning, duration, and when the itch fades away). Same with any pain, noise, or distraction – let it come, persist, and leave.

Any thought that enters your mind disregard it. Ignore it completely, don’t follow it to the next-connecting thought in the stream. If you have to – say mentally “I’ll think about it tomorrow”. Always go back to the breath and feeling your chest and stomach rhythms. If you start to panic, stay perfectly still and try to notice the beginning, duration, and when the panic goes away, and the thoughts associated with it. Just gently return to your breath.

Keep doing the above until you find yourself exhausted. I usually roll over on my side and fall right to sleep after 5-10 minutes of doing this meditation. You can also do this if you wake in the middle of the night to fall back asleep.

It might take a few weeks for your body to recognize the physical ‘trigger’ changes. Please give it some time to rearrange your sleeping patterns and habits…

Good luck, and good night.

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