Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an alarm at a Fenton-area vape store and found two tote bags full of merchandise outside the store. However, the culprit apparently got away with one bag of items valued at about $6,000, authorities reported.

Deputies were called to the 314 Vape Smoke Shop in the 1000 block of Gravois Road at about 11:20 p.m. Feb. 15. When they arrived, they saw a person get into a Chevrolet pickup and flee the area, the report said.

Deputies attempted to pull over the pickup, but the driver did not stop and the pursuit was called off. Deputies returned to the store to find two tote bags filled with smoking items and an impression in the snow of the bag of items the alleged thief took, according to the report.

It looked like the culprit had forced entry into the business through a back door. An estimate for the damage to the door was not reported.

As of Feb. 22, the missing bag had not been recovered, and the person seen getting into the pickup had not been identified, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell said. Anyone with information about the incident should call the Sheriff’s Office at 636-797-5515.


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