Menthol Ban Needs a New Plan: Pods, Nic Salts & Minty Eliquid

Guest Post from Vape Sales. 

The best way to ban yourself from menthol cigarettes is to ditch the tobacco fullstop and vape some menthol juices – let us explain why!

The Problem With The Menthol Ban

With the UKs ban on menthol cigarettes now fully in force, we’ve seen many tobacco brands jumping on the menthol dual bandwagon, with click-style mint flavoured filters to accommodate. 

The menthol ban stands to prevent more young people getting hooked on smoking due to the preferred taste of menthol, which is known to mask the harshness, and on top of that, research shows that menthol cigarettes may be more addictive than non-menthol cigarettes.

But we feel a little disappointed by this movement, on the government’s part especially, because the alternative they’re offering to this is pretty close to the original? 

On top of that, many smokers around the UK were feeling hopeful that the removal of their minty nic-fix from shop shelves will make it easier to resist sparking up, helping them to more forcefully consider quitting for good – only to have them relapse at the foot of a shopkeeper selling menthol hybrids.

Advice on quitting menthol cigarettes

We’re quite baffled by the government’s U turn on this positive initiative, and we can’t see it having the great effect that was forecasted. So in response to this, we thought we’d offer a few pennies of wisdom in this article for you to share with your menthol smoker friends, next time they say “vaping does nothing for me”.

Nic salts are more similar to smoking cigarettes

Why is this? Well, nic salts (if you’ve never heard of them) look just like your normal eliquids, made up from VG,PG and nicotine, but are more suited to recent ciggy quitters due to the fact salts produce a rush that’s more comparable to combustible nicotine. 

The addition of benzoic acid allows it to be absorbed faster into your bloodstream, providing a stronger, more concentrated hit, but without the harsh throat burn. Standard (freebase) nicotine when vaped is a much weaker, slower releasing sensation, and thus might not hit the spot, whereas 18mg salts is as smooth as a 3mg freebase eliquid.

Pods are more convenient for a new starter

One reason we see people struggling to maintain vaping early on after making the swap, is because of the many device components involved in a mod, and having to replace them from time to time, especially when you’re not used to vaping and you’re burning out all your first coils – which is just one of the many newbie struggles.

But now there’s more hope!

The rise of pods in the industry have allowed a much easier transition to vaping due to their low cost and low maintenance. There are many kinds of pod systems from hybrids with refillable cartridges and more advanced settings (including sub-ohm capabilities), to simple pen style pods with disposable refills.

If you’re looking to get fruity, try out the Voom pod with their 5 flavoured refills on offer – four of which are all menthol/fruit infusions!

There are various types of mint flavoured vape juice

Now lets not forget that there’s more than one way to get your menthol freshness fix, while opening your pallet to a wider range of refreshing flavours.

For example, you could opt for a simple mint flavour, a double menthol, or even a triple menthol, like the flavours offered by A-Steam! Also offered by Vape Sales is the Mugshot shortfill range (which means you add your own nicotine – including salts). On top of offering mint and many tasty menthol / fruit blends, they also have a spearmint flavour if you like to toke with a sweet tooth.

Good Luck – We’re here if you need us!

Were glad you’re learning more about the menthol ban, and encouraging yourself or others to quit smoking with the help of a menthol vape setup! 

Don’t forget to check out the other reviews at hand on this site, and both myself and Vape Sales are available to advise you with their extensive knowledge on vape products and our friendly replies!


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