We should be concerned about Biden’s America

On Oct. 20, during a rare interview, then presidential candidate Joe Biden was discussing the role of a president with an ABC news correspondent. One of the subjects was a president’s authority to sign executive orders. Biden was very clear that he felt this should be done only on a limited basis, adding that any president who abused this privilege would be a “dictator.”

Fast forward three months. In his first two weeks in office, Biden signed a record 28 executive orders. This is more than triple the number that former presidents Trump, Obama and Bush did, combined, during their first two weeks days in office.

Based on his own words, I assume we can now look upon Biden as a “dictator.”

Sadly, the vast majority of these orders do not serve the best interests of our nation. Biden’s progressive agenda is frightening. He claims to want “America first.” In my opinion his agenda is “America last.”

Finally, it is painfully obvious that Democrats have little, if any, respect or regard for law enforcement. Now, it appears that Democrats don’t respect our nation’s military either. As proof of this, upon being sworn-in, Biden had the flags of our nation’s five military branches immediately removed from the Oval Office. I see this as a direct betrayal to our military. As a four-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps in the mid-1950s, I find this utter disrespect for our armed forces to be both appalling and unconscionable.

Recently, highly respected historian and one-time speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, stated, and I quote: “Today’s Democrats are a radical socialist party.” Then he added: “We should all be concerned about America.”

He’s right.

Carl Fritz


Showing appreciation; paying it forward

This is a very good story. Today at a local grocery store my wife could not find our credit card. Panic. I did not even have my billfold with me. A very much younger lady, with a small little girl in her arms, said, “Let me pay.” Being somewhat stressed over where we may have left the card, we let her pay.

Then in the car while we looked further for the card, I saw the checkbook, then went inside to pay this nice person. She was neither in the store nor the parking lot. We are now writing a check for $150 for the Food Bank.

I hope she see this in your paper and knows how much we 80-year-old folks appreciated her consideration. P.S., the credit card has also now has been found.

Gary Ross


Council, please do the right thing

Loveland’s policy makers are wrestling with the question of the sale of flavored vaping tobacco within the city limits. They are discussing whether the right to sell a product trumps public health.

I have spent my 40-plus year career in behavior health, specifically addictions. This career has highlighted one undisputable fact, backed up by 20 years of research and data: The earlier a person starts using tobacco, the more likely they are to develop a lifelong addiction. This addiction leads to chronic illness, early death and loss of productivity.

Candy-flavored tobacco and vaping will draw children and teens to experiment, share it with their friends, and many will develop the beginning of craving. I have witnessed too many clients addicted to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs die way too young. Emphysema is a painful death where the patient struggles for each breath. Lung cancer, cancer of the mouth and throat and other deadly diseases can be prevented or greatly reduced if our city leaders put public health above the sale of these nicotine products.

For the kids, I beseech the city leaders to do the right thing.

Fred Garcia



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