This Lazarus Naturals review has been medically reviewed by Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD and was written by the team at CBDStudy, a CBD research publication.

Lazarus Naturals is a CBD brand that truly seems to care about its customers. They offer a variety of assistance programs to help veterans, low-income individuals and those on long-term disability. We have never seen a brand offer so many programs. It is great to see Lazarus committing to making CBD affordable for those who need it most. Those who qualify receive a significant 60 percent discount.

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Lazarus Naturals Overview

Lazarus Naturals mainly grows their hemp on their own farms in Oregon. Some of the farms are certified organic and Lazarus Naturals is aiming to be completely organic by 2022. Manufacturing and testing are also done in-house, before they send off the final product to a third-party lab for verification.

The company is a member of many state and national organizations to add to its credibility and knowledge base, including the American Herbal Products Association, the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association, the Oregon Farm Bureau and the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. The company is quickly becoming visible throughout the CBD marketplace and beyond.

The company offers most of the standard products: oils, topicals, capsules and products for pets. They also have a few unique products like RSO CBD oil and CBD-infused coconut oil for cooking. We love to see products such as these, which truly break the traditional mold of a CBD product line. We also appreciate that the products are practical and easy to implement into your everyday life. Many companies attempt to be unique, but end up creating a product that people don’t really use.

We believe that Lazarus Naturals is a great company with high-quality products that is working to make plant-based medicine more accessible to those who need it.

The Good:

  • High-quality products
  • Very transparent
  • Assistance programs to low-income individuals, veterans and those on long-term disability
  • The hemp used is mostly organic
  • Seed-to-sale allows for more transparency and accountability
  • 90-day return policy, one of the longest we have come across

The Bad:

  • Not many concentration options
  • Lack of edibles
  • We read some reviews about the company’s work environment that were not very good. These reviews, of course, may not tell the whole story. Nonetheless, it is important to give you every piece of information we have.

Who Is Lazarus Naturals?

The CBD brand was founded in 2014 by Sequoia Price-Lazarus. His goal was to make CBD products both affordable and accessible to those who need it, regardless of their financial situation.

This company is employee-owned, meaning there are no investors who control what it does. A consumer education website,, named the brand the CBD Brand of the Year in 2019.[1] It has been lauded elsewhere for its high-quality ingredients and potent formulas, so needless to say it is gaining traction quickly.

Lazarus Naturals uses an ethanol extraction process, which is cost-effective. However, those using this method must be careful to ensure that there is no residue left behind in the finished products.[2] Most of the processing and manufacturing is done in-house to maintain control over every step of the process.

Their Approach

Lazarus Naturals’ primary aim is to make high-quality products accessible to all.

Transparency also seems to be important to the company; however, we would like to see test results from the third-party lab on their website as opposed to their own test results. They do post the results of every batch.

The independent lab results we had done showed the labeling to be accurate, so it isn’t a huge deal. We also appreciate knowing the staff and the faces behind the company. There are many CBD brands that have no information on their website about the people behind the brand, so kudos to Lazarus Naturals for creating that bridge.

Lazarus Naturals: Product Highlights

CBD Oils

The company carries a standard full-spectrum tincture that only comes as unflavored. It has 20 milligrams of CBD per dose, and comes in three different sizes. The standard-potency oil starts at $12 and goes up to $70. We think this is very affordable, even without the assistance programs. You can choose between a .5 oz, 2 oz and a 4 oz bottle.

The high-potency oils start at $24 and go up to $120. While the $120 may be out of reach for some, it is affordable compared to other brands we have reviewed. It contains 50 milligrams of CBD per dose, which is definitely potent. You can choose between the full-spectrum formula or an isolate. Like the standard formula, you can choose between .5 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz bottles.

The full-spectrum formula comes in a variety of flavors, including unique ones like chocolate mint and coffee. Their blood orange flavor has been recognized as one of the best formulas around, and is one of their most popular products.

CBD Capsules

Capsules are a great way to take CBD without the hassle of fumbling with an oil. It also removes the bitter “planty” taste that tends to come with full-spectrum oils. Lazarus Naturals offers a few different formulas to meet your preferences.

The capsules made with Lazarus Naturals full-spectrum formula have non-GMO ingredients, and are gluten free, as well as vegan. We love the inclusivity of various diets and preferences, especially making the capsules vegan. Many CBD capsules contain gelatin, which vegans do not eat.

The full-spectrum capsules are available in 10, 25 and 50 milligram concentrations and come in 10-, 40- and 200-count bottles. The capsules start at just $6 and go up to $200. Capsules are a great option for people who are looking for consistent dosing. Unlike the standard full-spectrum capsules, the brand’s Cycling Frog Softgels are not vegan. They are, however, gluten free. These capsules really pack a punch, with 100 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD per capsule. They come in both four- and 20-count bottles. The Cycling Frog softgels start at $16 and go up to $50.

Lazarus Naturals makes two kinds of CBD isolate formulas, one designed to use during the day and one at night. The nighttime formula has chamomile, ashwagandha extract and L-tryptophan to help promote better sleep. The daytime energy blend includes ingredients like caffeine and vitamin B12 for an extra boost to carry you through the day.

Both of these formulas contain 25 milligrams of CBD isolate, and you can order them in 10- or 40-count bottles. The price ranges from $10 to $32, which we feel is very affordable.

CBD Topicals

Lazarus Naturals makes a few different topical formulas, including massage oils and lotions. Each topical product that Lazarus Naturals offers has 50 milligrams of CBD per measured dose.

The CBD lotion starts at $12 and goes up to $70. It is on the thicker side, but it is never greasy and will absorb beautifully into your skin. It comes in luxurious and unique scents like Portland Rose and Pacific Pine, as well as in an unscented version for those who may be sensitive to essential oils. All of the scents come in 1 ounce, 3.3 ounce or 6.7 ounce tubes. They also offer a sampler pack with all three scents for just $30 if you can’t decide which one to try.

The CBD balm is thick, rich and non-greasy. It is perfect for those looking for a thicker product than a lotion. As we mentioned above, all of the topical products offered by Lazarus Naturals have 50 milligrams of CBD per measured dose.

The CBD balm features ingredients like mango butter and beeswax to help soothe sore muscles and heal irritated skin. The balm is lightly scented with essential oils and natural terpenes, and can be found in soothing scents like rose, cedar-citrus, mint, lavender and unscented. If you are unsure which scent to choose, opt for the sampler pack that features all of them for $65. The sampler tins are .5 ounces and the full-sized product comes in 2 oz containers.

CBD massage oils are a great way to incorporate both CBD and massage into your routine. Many people bring their CBD massage oils to their routine massage appointments and have their massage therapist use it. This oil is made with ingredients like organic jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil and sweet almond oil to encourage soothing and relaxing effects. The massage oil starts at $12 and goes up to $70. A little bit of this oil goes a long way, and it can be found in 2 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz bottles.

CBD Pet Products

Lazarus Naturals also makes CBD products for pets, as many companies do. Animals have been shown to respond well to CBD; after all, they have an endocannabinoid system just like humans do.[3] The brand has a chart on their website that tells you their recommendation for dosing, but talk to your vet if you are unsure. The website says that their tinctures are good for all pets, including smaller ones like rabbits. The tinctures come in 20 milligrams per milliliter.

The Sensitive Pet CBD oil tincture starts at $12 and goes up to $60. It is simply the fractionated coconut oil blend mixed with CBD isolate. It is mild, but for pickier animals you might sneak it into their food or water bowl.

The Calming Pet CBD tincture also starts at $12 and goes up to $60. This formula uses the fractionated coconut oil; however, it is mixed with the full-spectrum formula instead of CBD isolate. This gives your pets all the benefits of the entourage effect. This formula will have a stronger flavor than the one above because it is a full-spectrum extract, but you can simply add it to your pet’s food or water to cover that up.

Our Lab Findings

We believe that we can’t be honest with you about the products we review unless we have them tested for ourselves. Lazarus Naturals recently changed their labeling of the 225 milligram CBD tincture to read 300 milligrams. Our lab results reflect the 225-milligram tincture, but we are confident that the brand is still committed to accurate labeling and quality products.

The third-party results showed the 225 milligram CBD tincture to read out at 237 milligrams, which is not far off. It is normal to find about a 10 percent variance between the product’s label and the test results.

There is also a pretty robust cannabinoid profile. We would like to see a little CBN and maybe some more CBG. That being said, we have reviewed brands that claim to use a full-spectrum extract but have no additional cannabinoids in their formula. Overall, we are satisfied with these lab results.

Shipping and Returns

Lazarus Naturals offers free shipping on every order they receive. Additionally, all orders that come in before noon PST will be processed on the same day. Lazarus Naturals also ships internationally to a variety of countries, including France, Germany, Greece, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.

That is another point for accessibility, as many brands only offer domestic shipping. We are unclear how their assistance programs work for international consumers, or if they are even in place at all.

We ordered our product the same way a customer would, to give you the closest customer experience possible. We chose standard shipping and our order was processed the day after we ordered, and in the mailbox three days later.

The brand’s return policy is among the best we have seen, with a 90-day return policy on all items. This allows customers ample time to decide if the product is one they want to stick with. This shows confidence in their products and a true desire to help people find what works best for them.

Our Verdict on Lazarus Naturals

We highly recommend Lazarus Naturals. They are committed to quality and accurate labeling, with their most impactful mission being to help those who cannot access CBD products on their own. Their various assistance programs provide plenty of opportunity for those who need CBD. The customer-service team did respond a little slowly, and we would love to see some additional CBG and CBN in their full-spectrum extracts, but those are not dealbreakers.

Their labeling is accurate, which is one of the most important things for a brand to be able to say. Their prices are affordable and accessible. Ultimately, this brand is great and we highly encourage you to try them.


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