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In a short time the CBD industry has grown massively, with small and large producers and retailers springing up in an effort to grab a piece of the action. While the medicinal benefits of Cannabinoid products have become widely known, the government regulation of creams, oil drops, edibles and bath bombs is severely lacking. One of the biggest issues currently plaguing this nascent industry is deceptive product labeling, which takes on a dangerous side when claims of miracle cures are touted by retailers and manufacturers.

Kazmira, an industrial scale producer of THC free broad spectrum products, takes pride in the purity of their products and wants the CBD industry to be viewed by the public as reliable and honest. An article posted on the Kazmira website indicates “that there is no regulation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators on these products. The lack of oversight and routine quality checks has resulted in many companies selling mislabeled products without anyone knowing.”

When any new industry begins to market products touting medicinal benefits, the ability of local, state and federal regulators and lawmakers to catch up is generally ponderous and slow. With the explosion of new products hitting store shelves and websites, the process of weeding out, so to speak, of less-than-honest retail and wholesale operators requires swift government action, or people will get hurt.

Kazmira, founded by co-CEOs Dr. Priyanka Sharma and Mr. Pulak Sharma, takes pride in their cutting edge products such as Imperial Oil, a THC free, high potency CBD extract with concentrations in the 90% range. When viewing the Hemp industry as a whole, Kazmira is unrivaled in their ability to produce “broad spectrum CBD extract of hemp with no additives or artificial enhancements.”

With backgrounds in chemical engineering, this dynamic husband and wife team started on their CBD journey while Mr. Sharma was searching for a CBD product to help with his mother’s chronic insomnia. Starting out with various experiments in distilling hemp elements in their kitchen, they created a substance which proved effective and now they running one of the top manufacturers of THC-free CBD products. Only in business for five years, Kazmira’s commitment to innovation is evidenced by their top-notch chemical engineering research division led by eight Ph.Ds.

Kazmira’s 200,000 square foot facility, located just outside of Denver, has partnered with hemp farmers across Colorado to plant over nearly a quarter-of-a-million acres of land for producing top-quality hemp. With nearly 90% of the industry operating outside of sufficient oversight, Kazmira is committed to making the industry, as a whole, accountable and honest.

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About Kazmira LLC:

From its inception, Kazmira has been led by Mr. Pulak Sharma and Dr. Priyanka Sharma. As co-CEOs, they have had the unique ability to share the leadership load required for a young company such as Kazmira to become the world’s leading CBD manufacturer and wholesaler. Their backgrounds in oil, gas, and pharmaceuticals have given them a unique perspective on the CBD industry. They understand CBD’s future both as a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical.


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