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We can all agree there’s a need to address the problem of teen vaping. Steps taken since 2019 are showing great promise, as reflected in the recently released 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey. The survey shows 1.8 million fewer youth using e-cigarettes. This is a massive drop, and the numbers don’t even reflect the three federal actions implemented this year.

Data suggest that banning products doesn’t work. Online outlets, friends, and family are all options for securing flavored products-the current approach the council is considering only shifts sales to other cities and forces retailers to make the difficult decision to lay off employees or close their doors altogether.

The members of the Missoula City council think about the fallout from the ordinance they are considering. Taking a hatchet to a problem that could be solved with a scalpel is shortsighted. Retailers have been shut out of the decision-making process. We all have the same goal in mind. We are your ally when keeping these products out of the hands of minors, don’t treat us as the enemy.

Bobby Ghuman,

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