In this edition of our Committee Insights series originally aired on Monday, December 14th we were joined by members of our Risk Management Committee, for a comprehensive look on how to assess your business’s risk and exposures and how to plan for 2021.

Topics included how to define and assess risk, what might affect your business and what to prepare for. Cannabis business owners are faced with a myriad of challenges. Sound risk management methods can protect against financial and reputational loss.

Learning Objectives
• How to define and reduce risk
• Ways to transfer or reduce risk using avoidance insurance and contracts
• The different elements of risk
• Lessons learned from COVID-19 and how to prepare for 2021


Moderator: Stephanie Bozzuto, Co-Founder & President of Marketing Cannabis Connect Insurance Services

Merril Gilbert, Co-Founder & CEO, TraceTrust

Summer Jenkins, Sr. Business Development Manager, Cannasure

Doug Esposito, Energy/Construction & Cannabis Practice Leader, Owen-Dunn Insurance Services

Jesse Parenti, Programs Director, Nine Point Strategies

Kevin Haller, Principal, Akene Consulting, LLC


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