How to start vaping

Guest Post by Shisha Vibe

So, you’ve heard a fair bit about vaping, perhaps walked past many a vaper in a public place, and maybe even read public health advice, such as Public Health England (PHE)’s judgement that e-cigarettes are about 95% safer than smoking.

Maybe you’re even ready to take the plunge, save for one thing… you don’t know how to even get started with vaping. Well, here are the basics it’ll be useful for you to be aware of. 

What does an e-cigarette consist of, anyway? 

If you’ve spent any time browsing the various vaping online stores, casually looking over all of the ‘starter kits’, ‘pod kits’, ‘sub ohm kits’, ‘pods’, ‘tanks’ and so on, you could be forgiven for feeling confused. So, let’s start by making it really simple. 

Forget about the above terms for a moment, because whether they’re basic or advanced, all e-cigarettes essentially consist of the same components: a battery, a heating element, a tank or similar for holding the e-juice, and a mouthpiece. 

A simple rundown of the vaping process 

If you think of how heated water becomes steam, the principle is similar with how an e-cigarette works; the e-liquid, or e-juice, inside the e-cigarette is heated to the point of vaporising. This vapour is then inhaled, not unlike how a smoker inhales smoke from their cigarette. 

As for starting that process, all you have to do is press the button on your e-cigarette. This will prompt the battery in the e-cigarette to send a current through the heating element, also sometimes referred to as a coil – which is fair enough terminology, because it’s literally a metal wire in the shape of a coil. 

The combination of the coil warming up and a wicking material loaded with e-liquid running through the coil’s centre causes the e-juice to evaporate, thereby producing the distinctive vapour we all associate with vaping. This is followed by the vapour being drawn up through the mouthpiece, and there you have it – the vaping process, in essence. 

So, where to get started with your e-cigarette shopping? 

If you’re genuinely new to vaping and curious about what it involves, a logical place to begin is the purchase of a starter kit, which will give you a simple and complete solution for getting into vaping straight away. Such ‘completeness’ will include a built-in battery and a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape. 

Mouth-to-lung vaping, by the way, is the style of vaping that most closely resembles smoking – making it a natural choice if you’re switching from traditional cigarettes. More specifically, it’s a type of inhaling, and entails taking the vapour into your mouth, before holding it in your mouth and then inhaling it into your lungs. 

This is as opposed to direct-to-lung vaping, whereby you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs, without first holding it in your mouth. It’s almost akin to taking a deep breath of air, albeit while keeping your lips pursed. This latter form of vaping can be fairly intense for new vapers, though, sometimes making them cough – so as a beginner, you might want to get to grips with the mouth-to-lung method first. 

Sure enough, when you browse a vape online store like Shisha Vibe, you’ll see the tanks and kits that suit different vaping techniques and levels of experience. You will also see, however, the likes of coils, pods and a dizzying variety of e-liquid flavours, giving you a hint of just what a deep and fascinating world vaping is. Why not get a little more acquainted with it today? 


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