We’ve all noticed that vaping kind has its cult following and has become a part of the youth culture of the 2020s. The fact is that many celebrities are publicly vaping these days, and vaping has also become a standard for most twitch streamers. It also has a hobbyist angle to it with the mods and cloud-chasing, which further contributes to its popularity.

Still, it comes as a surprise to many people that vaping can be related to fashion and style. We’re here to discuss how vaping found its place in this unlikely situation. We’ll primarily focus on the role of vaping pen skins in matching the pen’s style to your outfit.

What are vape pen skins?

Vaping skins are custom sleeves for your vaping pen. They serve the purpose of changing its appearance, protecting the device, and making the grip better so that you don’t drop it. 

Since most vaping pens come in neutral colors (black, silver, white, etc.), manufacturers came up with the idea to customize them further. These days, you have various custom vape pen skins to choose from to adapt your device to your outfit. 

They are inexpensive, and many avid vapers have a whole collection of different skins to make sure they can cover different clothing styles and events. Be careful, though – collecting these can become quite addictive as it is fun to pick and choose.

What are my options with skins?

Well, there are quite a few, and we’ll try to give you the most commonly used approaches to help your creative juices flowing. 

  1. Matching with your outfits

The first and basic way skins improve your outfit is to match vape pen skins to your outfit’s color pattern. While many vapers tend to have a wide variety of skins in different colors, you don’t have to go all out. You know what your favorite colors are, so pick skins that go well with those. You don’t have to have every color imaginable to feel you have your stylistic needs covered. 

  1. Matching the brand

If you are into branded loathing like La Costa or Gucci, we guess that there’s always a goal to create an entire outfit from the pieces from their lines. Now, it can be quite annoying to have a vape pen that matches neither the brand nor the coloring of your outfit. 

Vaping skins can be branded, and you can find variations intended for various brands and in many different colors so you can fit it in with any style of outfit. 

  1. Events and celebrations with a theme

The trickiest situations to cover when it comes to style are themed events like Halloween, costume parties, period-specific parties, and other events that require a bit more eccentric outfits. 

Luckily the market for vape pen skins is so advanced at this point that you can get skins that fit any of these events and more. You can get anything from bat-decorated skins for Halloween to pumpkin and turkey decorated ones for Thanksgiving. 

Granted, you’ll have to look around a bit more to find ones that fit more obscure events, but by and large, the manufacturers cover almost everything. 

  1. Being the eccentric

If you want your vaping pen to help you stand out, you can create custom ones with as weird a design pattern as you’d like. It doesn’t necessarily need to match your outfit, as the eccentric look needs that shock-value to help it make an impression. 

Going for this approach can be a great conversation starter. Eccentrics draw attention, and any moderately inquisitive person is bound to ask you: “What’s up with that vaping pen, man?!”

  1. Personalized skins

If you are a professional who likes to promote his work, organization, business, project, whatever, having a custom skin representing your brand is a great idea. It enhances your closet and it’s a passive advertisement that works and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to make. 


Furthermore, designing a cool skin for your brand means that you can give them to other vapers you know so they can promote you. Just make sure that you do a decent job in the design stage as you don’t want to make it too promotional, and you do want to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

As you can see, skins can come in various styles and go well with any outfit. The limit with custom vape pen skins is the limit of your imagination, so get creative, make a plan, and complete your outfit. We hope we managed to help you get acquainted with vaping skins and happy shopping! 


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