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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Gov. Cuomo’s Health Department is telling New Yorkers not to use any vaping products until officials can figure out what’s causing the mysterious illnesses.

It’s a better-safe-than-sorry approach from the Cuomo administration and echoes warnings from federal health officials, who have said Americans should steer clear of vaping products until more is known.

“There have been a number of deaths there is an ongoing investigation,” Cuomo said. “Nobody knows exactly what it is.”

There have been 34 illnesses possibly linked to vaping in New York, as well as 15 in New Jersey and five in Connecticut, officials said.

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, says it’s marijuana vaping products, not nicotine vaping products, that are to blame.

“If you do not want to end up in a hospital or dead, do not use black market THC oils,” Conley said.

He says health officials telling people not to use any vaping products is overkill.

“You’re going to scare off people from using these products to quit smoking, and it’s not the nicotine vaping products being implicated,” Conley said.

On Friday, U.S. health officials said Americans should stop vaping until they can figure out why some people have come down with severe lung illnesses within three months after using vaping products.

The warning came as officials said they had identified 450 possible illnesses, including three deaths, in 33 states.

Health officials say no single vaping device, liquid or ingredient has been tied to all the illnesses. Many of the sickened, but not all, were people who had been vaping THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its high.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)




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