I've been growing some hot peppers in 5 gallon buckets and recently have noticed some leaf issues with one plant (Lemon Drop pepper)

Ferts: GH per directions in 1/1/1 ratio, Calmag around 9ml

PH ~6.5, TDS 750 (using tap water)

2 air stones per bucket. Roots look pretty clean though larger in the other pepper for some reason. Lights are on a 18/6 timer, 110w quantum LED board.

Water level is still about 75%. I have not changed it since moving them into the larger bucket when their roots got low enough in the rockwool. New growth seems to be curling up, and old leaves curling down. I notice the plant is a bit more droopy near the end of the light cycle as well. I do not notice any pests.

Any suggestions what to do to make him happy?

Lemon Drop with curling leaves

Older leaves seem to curl down

Other unknown hot pepper, grown at same time, seems ok with larger root system.

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