Not all edibles are created equally; neither are the companies that produce the products we want. 

There are many reasons you might choose to consume an edible instead of smoking flower. Some people don’t like the smell of cannabis, some want a different experience (body high vs cerebral high), some want the high to last longer, or some might find it easier and healthier.

Historically there have been two huge challenges with edibles: how long it will take for them to kick in and how much should the consumer take? We all have stories of taking an edible: waiting for what feels like an eternity for it to kick in, deciding it wasn’t enough and then eating another dose right before the first dose finally kicks in…and then before long, finding ourselves lying on the floor looking at purple dinosaurs.  

As more states continue to legalize cannabis, technology and testing become more precise. The experience with edibles is becoming a lot more predictable.  This is a good thing for the industry and the individual consumer.  We are now seeing hundreds of products in many states that have consistent and accurate dose control of their products.  Anything from micro doses of 2 mg of THC up to 10 mg of THC (maximum allowed in many, but not all states) and beyond.  This wide range of potency coupled with precise dosing has opened up the world of cannabis to a MUCH larger audience.  Grandmas are now adding it to their tea or taking a little nibble of infused chocolate before bedtime, soccer moms are micro-dosing in order to take the edge off and get through the chaos of the day, and some athletes are even consuming edibles in sport for a better performance and faster recovery. Regular users can take multiple servings at once and know exactly how much THC they are onboarding.  There is a reason this is the fastest growing category of consumption nationwide.

But these measures being adopted around the country to help control the dose you are getting still does not address the slow and often weak absorption in the human body.  What few people know is how incredibly sensitive the THC molecule is and how quickly the human body destroys cannabis when it passes through the stomach, intestines, and finally the liver before being absorbed into the bloodstream.  This is a long process and is precisely why it takes edibles usually anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours before the effects are felt.  This long wait and large variance require most people to plan ahead before getting their desired results. We’ve been conditioned to feel the effects of most products in 15-20 minutes.  Think about how long it takes for Advil or Tylenol to work or even for that glass of wine to have its desired effect. 

Enter The World of Fast-Acting Edibles by Cryopharm

Courtesy of Cryopharm

Early Onset Consumables

What if there is a way to enjoy the fast-acting effects of smoking cannabis, but delivered with the ease of use and long-lasting effects of a dose-controlled edible?  Enter the world of “early onset” consumables (edibles and drinkables).  There is no shortage of companies trying to claim they have found the “holy-grail”: the ability to produce effects in as little as 15 minutes. They often use buzzwords like “nano”, “Nano-Emulsions”, “suspended nano”, and “water soluble”. Up until now, these were almost entirely marketing ploys and unsubstantiated claims delivering little to no early onset or controllable effect from cannabis. 

Cryopharm Corporation is the first company to ever develop “Hydro Particle Lipids”: a proprietary process (patent pending) that enables THC molecules in its edibles and drinks to be rapidly absorbed by the human body in under 3 minutes with effects felt in as little as 12.  The consumer can experience a quality high that is as predictable as drinking a glass of wine and can last up to 4 to 5 hours, translating into a wide variety of enhanced experiences.  For the insomniacs, it’s a way to stop the mind from racing and  finally get some much needed REM sleep. Want to go enjoy a concert post-COVID and learn that you can’t smoke at the venue? Slip a dissolvable tablet onto your tongue and away you go.  Experiencing a high-stress day and need to get through the next several hours? Pour yourself a glass of sugar-free Kali-Juice and relax. How about the need to wake up with a little kick in your step? Wake up to a hot cup of infused Café Maria coffee: a fast-acting Colombian coffee that balances that perfect blend of caffeine with the gentle ride of cannabis.    

The cannabis landscape is changing, giving us more options with better results.  Cryopharm has set the bar and set it high!


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